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Hey everyone! Today's video is an outfits of the week 2018 video, showing you winter outfits ideas that I wore this week! This lookbook would be perfect for school / college outfits, so I really hope you like it! Please give the video a thumbs up if you do :) X SOCIAL MEDIA: ♡ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missalexbeauty Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/missalexandraax Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/missalexbeauty Contact me on: [email protected] This video is not sponsored. I purchased everything myself. Affiliate links used. OUTFIT ONE: Topshop Denim Jacket: Exact N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2txqLE4 Similar: http://bit.ly/2ECKtlZ Similar: http://bit.ly/2FnK2NH Topshop Black Long Sleeve Top (size 6): Petite: http://bit.ly/2CXQCF7 Regular: http://bit.ly/2CWqp9K Adidas Three Stripe Leggings (size XS): http://bit.ly/2FqPBef Khaki Pumas (size 3): http://bit.ly/2CEVLkP COLOURS: Pink: http://bit.ly/2F2QSr4 Black: http://bit.ly/2CExj2Z Mint: http://bit.ly/2ombmS4 Topshop Necklaces: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2DV0OPs Similar: http://bit.ly/2DbV2YF OUTFIT TWO: Forever 21 Denim Shirt: http://bit.ly/2tr5TOA Topshop Black Coated Jamie Jeans: Petite: http://bit.ly/2ATYLdS Regular: http://bit.ly/2ATM0A7 Tall: http://bit.ly/2C1FKp1 Suede Black Boots: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2DbRyVT Similar: http://bit.ly/2DdIIqP Similar: http://bit.ly/2DdXQVg Faux Fur Coat: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2FnKrzK Similar: http://bit.ly/2FlNecN Similar: http://bit.ly/2G9nKMK Similar: http://bit.ly/2FwB1xJ OUTFIT THREE: Acne Studios Hoodie (size XS): http://bit.ly/2tr76W8 Topshop Black Ripped Knee Jamie Jeans (w25): Petite: http://bit.ly/2BQvkK3 Regular: http://bit.ly/2BScjHd Tall: http://bit.ly/2Fn1j9G OR: http://bit.ly/2CVLAZA Dune Leather Boots (size 3): http://bit.ly/2Fq8azu Similar: http://bit.ly/2FpGgDu Topshop Gold Hoop Earrings: http://bit.ly/2FqpuV3 Topshop Camel Coat: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2FpqHMf Similar: http://bit.ly/2De1sXc Similar: http://bit.ly/2DfHawo OUTFIT FOUR: Missguided Grey Long Sleeve Top (size 6 petite): Petite: http://bit.ly/2FnOigc Regular: http://bit.ly/2FpKxqw Tall: http://bit.ly/2DcSvNS River Island Boyfriend Jeans: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2FlkGjs Similar: http://bit.ly/2FlTa5z Similar: http://bit.ly/2FqW34X Timberlands (size 3): http://bit.ly/2FqXW1x OR: http://bit.ly/2DewiPo Moncler Padded Jacket: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2FnSdtn Similar: http://bit.ly/2DekLje Similar: http://bit.ly/2tsnups OUTFIT FIVE: Missguided Brown Twist Jumper (size 4 petite): http://bit.ly/2FqYtR5 ASOS Mom Jeans (w24): Petite: http://bit.ly/2FpNpDO Regular: http://bit.ly/2DexQZI Pretty Little Thing Suede Boots (size 3): http://bit.ly/2DfVsgr Black Version: http://bit.ly/2DbRyVT OUTFIT SIX: ASOS Khaki Denim Jacket: N/A IDENTICIAL!: http://bit.ly/2DcJ15h Black Version: http://bit.ly/2FpCD0u ASOS Mens T-Shirt (size S): http://bit.ly/2txFvCU Missguided Black Hoodie (size 6): http://bit.ly/2De1nD1 Topshop Black Trousers (petite size 4): Petite: http://bit.ly/2DeQW1M Tall: http://bit.ly/2FnVg4N Nude Pumas (size 3): http://bit.ly/2CDD5lx Similar: http://bit.ly/2CGmld9 Alternative: http://bit.ly/2EYd1Xo Music: http://bit.ly/2Fsr1pf Intro: http://www.rachelheir.com
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Text Comments (167)
farah ghanim (3 days ago)
sarah reinhart (7 days ago)
ADI-DASS leggings i can't but cute outfit ideas overall
Sarah Montgomery (14 days ago)
For the first 30 seconds, I already fell in love with her fashion sense! Thank you so much for the ideas! I subscribed and liked the video!
Lena xo (21 days ago)
This would be too cold for me
Bonni Dohkrut (29 days ago)
U r really cute n there is no spot on ur face n i like ur hair so can u make a video on ur skin n hair care routine n dis video is helping me alot
ARBIND KUMAR Singh (30 days ago)
Figure omg
Eline Maalam (1 month ago)
The song please ???!!!!
Crystal Fyffe (1 month ago)
The way you are moving looks like you got to piss. 😂😂
Sarah Cookiee (1 month ago)
Where did you get the necklaces from?😍
ipost daily (1 month ago)
Ur voice is so relaxing
Erin Clark (1 month ago)
I l💖ve your voice !
ミリゅゅ (2 months ago)
Lana.bby - (3 months ago)
You're so pretty 😩❤️
Maira Soler (5 months ago)
Con eso me cago de frio jajajjaa
Allan Wright (6 months ago)
Nice winter outfits miss alex
Hannah Humphreys (6 months ago)
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Admiral Good Boy (7 months ago)
Yeah girl show me dat ass
Sylwia blaszka (7 months ago)
Outfit 6 for winter??
Jennifer Jimenez (7 months ago)
I love the way you dress!
JuJu _N (7 months ago)
You are sooooooo beautiful 💕💕love youuu
Chelsea Kaiser (8 months ago)
What kinda magic are you using to keep that brown jumper from look 5 up?
Desiree' Meyers (8 months ago)
Could you do a video on how to style thick or thin hoodies? I would highly appreciate it. Also, you're one of my fashion role models and you're gorgeous! 😊
Ocean Tavera (8 months ago)
Can you pleeeeeease make a video on styling one or two rain boots?! It’s raining so much out here and in many other places right now. It’s a struggle trying to look cute in those rain boots!
edel shorten (8 months ago)
Could you do wedding guest outfits ?❤️
Cate Barbosa (8 months ago)
Tiana Tansy (8 months ago)
Wardrobe essentials video please
MoreNadia (8 months ago)
Can you do rainy day outfits please! I love your style!!
Aris Trejo (8 months ago)
I absolutely love how short your intro is and straight to the point your videos are , not only that the outfits are beautiful. 💕 perfect. Channel
Megan Eleri (8 months ago)
Love these outfits!! I agree topshop jeans are a must have!! X
Nathaleedlee ! (8 months ago)
Just discovered your channel! World, just you wait Miss Alex will blow up🔥
Ana Pereira (8 months ago)
outfit 5
Algérienne Algérienne (8 months ago)
you are very beautiful ,smart girl. I really enjoy watching your videos you have very helpful outfit ideas. keep doing that for us. love from Algeria.
Algérienne Algérienne (8 months ago)
you are very beautiful ,smart girl. I really enjoy watching your videos you have very helpful outfit ideas. keep doing that for us. love from Algeria.
miss behaving (8 months ago)
So cute. Has this solved the soft sweatshirt search?
Clau Castillo (8 months ago)
outfit 1 and 5 I've got all the things and never thinked of putting them tougether, love it💗
Lydia Meldrum (8 months ago)
Outfit 2, 4 and 5. Amazing! Loving your style. ❤
Carmen Anaya (8 months ago)
Those outfits ❤️🙂
MiKayla Rose (8 months ago)
Gosh, your outfits are always so cute!!
Jenz BeautyStyle (8 months ago)
Obsessed with your lookbooks! Xoxoxxo
Cece Carter (8 months ago)
Is it weird to ask how much weigh cause your body goals lol . Love your videos and your outfits are on point👏
Miara (8 months ago)
Definitely, outfit five 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love it ❤😊
Rdcv Ggyu (8 months ago)
When you recorder you have a soci?
Cinthya Gallegos (8 months ago)
Can you do a denim skirt lookbook?😊
Jenny F (8 months ago)
Could you please make a video on mom jeans? Where to buy them, how they need to fit to flatter the figure, rules (like wide hips -> focus on the waist) so I can create outfits with my own clothes, but also style examples with your clothes :)
Johnna Janae (8 months ago)
I really love your style! ❤️ I’ve just been binge watching all your fashion videos lol!
Lucia Galanová (8 months ago)
I love your style ♥ Greetings from Slovakia :)))
LaurenTillyRose Xo (8 months ago)
I need a pair of the khaki bow pumas
Aнна A (8 months ago)
Love your style❤️
Daantje de Groot (8 months ago)
Life saver every. Single. Day.
Erica Steinke (8 months ago)
Can u make a video on how to style fur slides like if u agree
Tiegan Robertson (8 months ago)
What country do you love in? Most Youtubers are making spring look books. I'm glad that youre doing winter because in South Africa where I live autumn is on the way😊
just xx because msp (8 months ago)
You are literally the best ilysm I watch you nearly everyday and you help me decide what outfit to wear without a fail 💗💗💗💗
Chris Nelson (8 months ago)
Outfit four is my favourite ❤️
Chloe Liddiatt (8 months ago)
Love your videos! My favourite outfit was the first one!!😍😍
Lana.bby - (8 months ago)
Your style is amazing😭😭
Lana.bby - (8 months ago)
the thumbnail😍
Takue kuipah (8 months ago)
Outfit 5 😍😍😍😍😍
Genesis (8 months ago)
MomoTheBear (8 months ago)
Lady _in_red (8 months ago)
rocked again girl 😘😘
Stacy Rentoza (8 months ago)
I love them all Miss Alex...😍😍😍
Tara E (8 months ago)
Love all your videos! Can you do a video on how you pair outfits with jewelry?? Would love to see a video like this.
みーたん (8 months ago)
I like your video♡♡
Ashlynn Navarro (8 months ago)
Alex can you pleaseeeeeeee respond to me
Crystal Fyffe (1 month ago)
No she just is so busy I mean fuck the viewers. No really she looks cunty
Ashlynn Navarro (8 months ago)
Well not six
Ashlynn Navarro (8 months ago)
I need all of them they are sooooooooooooooooo cute
Ashlynn Navarro (8 months ago)
I also want number three
Ashlynn Navarro (8 months ago)
And that coat
Ashlynn Navarro (8 months ago)
I want the 2nd outfit and boots
Life Of Kadence (8 months ago)
Love ur videos !!
Hey It’s soph (8 months ago)
ahhh you’re voice is so cute !! these were all such cute outfits :))❤️
Jasmine Ty (8 months ago)
Tried to decide my favorite outfit but honestly I love them all 💕
Rebecca Ryder (8 months ago)
I absolutely love your videos, I'm 27 and only 4'8. I struggle to find clothes to get my own unique style. You inspire me to create new outfits so thankyou! I would love to see a video on how you got into YouTube?! Xx
A I (8 months ago)
gurl ur working it ❤️❤️
Lauren Jayne (8 months ago)
I love seeing how you style your clothes & your petite clothes as well. Love getting ideas of what I can wear / how to style stuff for this season! 😊🎀
Steven Bhatti (8 months ago)
nice video. You look beautiful in every clothes you showed us. I know this is not for me. I am just showing some support to you if that okay with you.
Vi Truong (8 months ago)
you are literally a goddess tysm for saving my life everyday 😂 ~love from australia 💕
Nata Iva (8 months ago)
Those look are nice, you look cool 😎
Hannah Feigenbaum (8 months ago)
Really cute outfits btw you are gorgeous 😍
Angelina Carraway35 (8 months ago)
Love it 😍 where I live it already feels lik summer can u do a spring/summer casual outfit ideas plz!!!!
Nickie Peart (8 months ago)
You should do a video about your shoe collection! You always have great taste in shoes :)
Fashion Reflexion (8 months ago)
Gorgeous as always!😍
romina goicochea (8 months ago)
soy de peru !!!! i love you
Natalie Whitehead (8 months ago)
I love outfit 4!!
Jane Mercado_93 (8 months ago)
your amazing 💓 a big fan of yours from PH 🇵🇭
Rebecca Elsasser (8 months ago)
Love your style 😍
Veronica M (8 months ago)
You're one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, you're so talented, stylish, and you have such a great YouTube channel, and yet you come across as always so humble and sweet. I really look up to you for that❤
Rola Zayed (8 months ago)
I really like to watch your videos the give me a lot of advice about how to wear good outfit thank you very much❤
Olivia Avenue (8 months ago)
your hair is so pretty! can you make a video on your hair care + if you wear extensions! ☺️❤️
Kelly Manato (8 months ago)
Do a how to style vans or converse!
Totalchaos1983 0 (8 months ago)
Adorable as always!! Hey- could you show us how you dress up casual pieces like sweats or a hoodie..leggings? Take them from comfy to stylish? That would be awesome!!
X (8 months ago)
Soooo fit
Blondebabexo (8 months ago)
Jes MacLafferty (8 months ago)
I’m glad you did an outfit with sweats - I need that in my life lolx
daisy woodcock (8 months ago)
I love your lookbooks so much, I love your style!
Haylie Bergeron (8 months ago)
i love how she says adidas!!
Touka (1 month ago)
Same LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Selin Özdemir (8 months ago)
I like your voice😄
Amerika Garcia (8 months ago)
ur shoes r weird as fuk

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