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Speed Painting | Raindrops

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Timelapse of me painting realistic raindrops on a glass window with a blurry background and bokeh effects. Oil on panel Art Store: http://lenadanyastore.com twitter: http://twitter.com/LenaDanya facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LenaDanyaPage instagram: http://instagram.com/lenadanya tumblr: http://lenadanya.tumblr.com Music: Katano Beats - Miss http://vk.com/katanobeat http://soundcloud.com/katanobeat http://twitter.com/katano_beat https://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/ https://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-collection
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Text Comments (217)
Maximiliano Ortega (4 months ago)
Very good , bella dama
Roman Hall (5 months ago)
*sigh* one of my absolute favorite of yours Lena 👍🏻
Keso A. (6 months ago)
Hi Ms. Lena, i really want to learn this technique? Can you help me pls. You really inspire me! :)
UHA fine art (8 months ago)
Wow this painting is amazing, great job
sailesh batchu (9 months ago)
love your paintings💕❤️
Raz Negev Art (11 months ago)
It's great, I love the water so much I learn a lot from you
Vee Khan (1 year ago)
Plz make a full detail video on water and face of a girl in ur videos I can't learn to plz make s slow video detailed
aminath lauza (1 year ago)
Loving ur water paintings
Claymore Gray (1 year ago)
Incredible really awesome I like it :)
Nitish Pandey (1 year ago)
Beautiful.. Water droplets
its really nice
cavecanem (1 year ago)
Anyone knows what type of panel she uses?
Helios Art (2 years ago)
i'm totally in love with this piece, it gives me this nice feeling, your art is so wonderful :)
Laura Lavina (2 years ago)
drop top
sumbul iqbal (2 years ago)
sumbul iqbal (2 years ago)
Beyond perfection
George K (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song used in this video? Love the realistic water droplets you create, Lena. I've watched several of your videos. Amazingly realistic.
George K (2 years ago)
ahhhh, found it. It's called "Miss" from this website https://cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-collection
Jack Hodson (2 years ago)
Peace of crap
Anon B (1 year ago)
Jack Hodson piece*
sdfbtnsfgd (2 years ago)
Marry me now I love you so much this is so beautiful
Suzzy & Lizzy (2 years ago)
10solitare01 (2 years ago)
Are you even serious how can you paint this
Peachy 12 (2 years ago)
Whenever it's raining,I can't help but draw or paint Something that's blue. For example;blue Lilies. ☺️💙💙💙
The Little Blerdmaid (2 years ago)
😢 this is one of the most peaceful things I've ever seen in my life. Talented, just talented!
homeiswonderland (2 years ago)
You always choose the BEST music for this. (Or make it yourself, eh?)
Zubin Binu (2 years ago)
Rhiannon C. (2 years ago)
Wow, I am blown away. Beautiful!
imrichhehe (2 years ago)
oh my.
Natasha Compton (2 years ago)
it would mean the world if anyone here will check out my facebook page-( https://www.facebook.com/artbynatashacompton/ ) Commissions are open and will be complete within 4 to 6 days. sorry for the spam but I am trying everything to get at least one commission
Natasha DIY (2 years ago)
* cries because I can't do this for my life *
Scotty T (2 years ago)
OMG! god dam, your are so creatively talented ♥♥
ZincInsync (3 years ago)
Thunder Nugget (3 years ago)
The force is strong in this one.
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+GrubSlayer i am still learning the ways of the force... but i get closer every day ;)
GroundUpProduct (3 years ago)
great: )
NEGAR FAGHIHI (3 years ago)
in a word awesome ... 😉😉😉
Claudia Watson (3 years ago)
do you paint off of photos? also- are you a painter or is it a hobby? Is it possible to live off of painting? Do you sell these?
Martina Vitasovic (3 years ago)
It looks so realistic,awesome job! :)
Thank you for a wonderful panel
Iris Ko (3 years ago)
christian alejandre (3 years ago)
very adorable thanks for sharing.
Shadow Fox (3 years ago)
I always have some type of aquatic refrence to my art but you can do it so naturally well.. I love it ! Awesome
aesthetica (3 years ago)
I have a question, when you oil paint can you also blend colors together like regular paint? :) thanks, spectacular painting
Mandy Roy (3 years ago)
You are amazing!
henry Romero (3 years ago)
do you think this is possible with watercolor? i love it and the music too. :)
I love it! Awesome work Lena!
Elizabeth (3 years ago)
Just amazing
Savannah C (3 years ago)
It's really interesting to see the start to finish because you look at the beginning and it's like "Hmmm.. yeah, not too sure about that." But it gets to the end and you're just sat there like "wOW SUCH ART" it's a beautiful journey, regardless.
0230Raveena (3 years ago)
You are just so amazingly talented. Its difficult to distinguish whether your paintings are photographs or not. Just Stunning. I do oil paintings but I love what you do with watercolor.
Simple Affection (3 years ago)
This was by far one of the best painting I have ever seen you do. I love the water look on glass period. It looked so real. I love it and I would like to purchase one.
Kari D. (3 years ago)
I envy your painting skills with people. I can never get to be as realistic. I really love this painting as well.
Caroline Zina (3 years ago)
I love this video! beautiful work! You inspire me so much, I absolutely love your videos and what you have to say to me...well, I guess you're talking to a lot of people, but you're videos always have a personal feel. Thanks so much for everything you do! Never stop being...amazing! thanks!
emma e. (3 years ago)
wow this is amazing
Male Mendiola (3 years ago)
Sandi Jawda (3 years ago)
you are great at painting. :D
Painting with Chiara (3 years ago)
hey! I love your video, please check my channel, I'm painting raindrops too! Painting with Chiara
kevin r (3 years ago)
Really nice. Did you use reference at all or just imagination?
Jasmine Heath (3 years ago)
Ur an awesome artists and I hope one day I could be as good as you! :) I just started painting and Its a bit frustrating but I've been practicing! Ur awesome! 😄😆😊
Shelle (3 years ago)
look so real, watched this couple of times <3
TheCubedIce (3 years ago)
+Lena Danya You are such a great artist and I love your Videos! Your paintings are amazing! Anyways, I have started making art videos, but I need some advice! What software should I edit on?
StephenAndrew777 (3 years ago)
I can't even imagine how she does this, but I'm happy that she does.
Mimi Nie (3 years ago)
What a beautiful painting! You have wonderful talent. :)
Santiago Muñez (3 years ago)
That's great ! I'm also a painter but my main difficulty is for details, i can't find the perfect brush for the smallest details and thats annoying. You don't need it in this video but i suppose you have to do it sometimes.. What do you use for it or how do you do ? Support from Paris, France
jeep2hummer (3 years ago)
Did you use a picture reference for this or are you so familiar with painting water that you just freestyle it?
omooki (3 years ago)
Lovely how you bring the paint to life! I was wondering whether you pre-plan which colours you're going to use and if you a reference photo, or whether you just wing it (for lack of a better word)?
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Baybehho I don't preplan the colors, I just wing it pretty much but as you continue on a piece you remember which colors you need to use. I also reference my own photography, the paintings end up looking quite different on their own. it's often just a tool to expand more detail on an idea! thanks very much!
Maskd J (3 years ago)
SO cool!
Raika Sanou (3 years ago)
Loll the apocalypse part made me laugh XD great painting btw ♡♡ ur awesomeee~~
Guilt-Free Reader (3 years ago)
Beautiful! You've inspired me to try oil paints again after a not so successful attempt a few years ago :) How long does one of these smaller pieces take you?
Blüe (3 years ago)
Hey :) You should try to paint Christin (Emmy Rossum)from the Phantom of the Opera (2004). She's gorgeous and would like to see how you'd do her hair haha. By the way, you are an amazing painter ! Continue your great work 'cause I can't get enough 💙
Moses Lawson (3 years ago)
It's like you just created a reality on canvas. Inspired me again, you have!
Lalana Sharma (3 years ago)
J. reeze (3 years ago)
U never fail to amaze me gurl 👌 love the painting 😄
UltimateArtistT (3 years ago)
Beautiful painting! :)
Cheshire Erlinberts (3 years ago)
I've witnessed your improvement thrugh the years . I'm 18 . an artist. . yeah i watched them all , your videos hahaha
Tiger Da Fox (3 years ago)
When did you start painting and how? Did you take art classes or learned on your own plz tell meh I gotz to know x3
Chivas Amazona (3 years ago)
+Lena Danya Exactly, how do u even do that? (0.0)
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Tiger Da Fox self taught :)
Courtney Houts (3 years ago)
That is bad ass!!!
mai (3 years ago)
Mei Egoshi (3 years ago)
When you look at the painting closely, you can see that it's just paint... But when you take a step back, it looks like a photograph. It's really amazing, I love your art! ^^
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Mei Egoshi thanks so much darling!
Faeryn Nova (3 years ago)
Gorgeous! what's it like painting on glass? seems interesting i might try!
Michael Maltese (3 years ago)
This is so beautiful! I am so inspired whenever I watch your videos! ;)
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Michael Maltese I'm glad to hear that :) thank you Michael!
egal auch egal (3 years ago)
This is my fav painting from you 😍 i love it when you draw water drops they look so realistic 👍 thanks for your videos i love them !!!
egal auch egal (3 years ago)
+Lena Danya you are welcome 😆 your such an inspiration for me😍
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+egal auch egal thank you so much!
Roma Cute (3 years ago)
I love your paint you are my favourit artist but i wanna ask you i love paint by oil colour but i don't know how i use it ?.please can you make a video more slowly and explain to me how can you use it i have a talent but i don't know how can i use it .
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Roma Cute I'm working on getting out a "oil painting basics" video very soon! Thanks so much :)
Rob Amick (3 years ago)
stunning piece!
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Rob Amick thank you Rob!
FarlyCreates (3 years ago)
Fantastic! Keep it up!
Paulo França (3 years ago)
stormey Perry (3 years ago)
Your art is sooooo good!!! Every time i see it i just want too paint something!! Soo inspirational!! Love it love you and your art!! #Big fan!!💕
Collin Whitener (3 years ago)
I love it !! :)
Siann Lau (3 years ago)
Holy mother and father of art!!!! You are a freaking legend. It's Soo beautiful.
Lena Danya (3 years ago)
+Siann Lau thank you Siann!
Oldz (3 years ago)
What a lovely painting! It looks like a picture. I love it so much! Do you know rainymood.com website? This is what I hear when I look at your piece of art:).
Jonathan O. Marques (3 years ago)
Nice song and beautiful painting. Thumbs up!
sam wenden (3 years ago)
this is incredible Lena, just amazing :)
Tree hugger (3 years ago)
I feel like I'm watching Bob Ross...he would always start with these images and little strokes. You couldn't really see a clear image or direction he was going most of the time, and then suddenly 2-3 strokes later it would all make sense. At the end it would be amazing and then I would look back to my painting and you can't recognize anything.  Love the painting
BakaSo (3 years ago)
As usual this is proper fantastic ! You are so talented, it's always a pleasure to watch your videos ! Have a lovely day :) Love from France.
PHeMoX (3 years ago)
Cool idea for a painting! Turned out excellent.
Verity7357 (3 years ago)
Lost in Time (3 years ago)
*_Wonderful !_*
Onafee1849 (3 years ago)
wondeful and inspiring as always, lena! I absolutely love your videos
HAL420 (3 years ago)
oh my... you gotta be kidding me
Mélodie Cartan (3 years ago)
Your waterdrops pieces are always so amazingly accurate, it seems almost simple to do when you do it ! (and then I try to do it myself and fail spectacularly ^_^ lol)
Armorqueen00 (3 years ago)
Aah yet another beautiful painting😍
Andy Hargrave Music (3 years ago)
Awesome. Great work!
Seira Chii (3 years ago)
this painting really looks amazing! you are really talented! ^^

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