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Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

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Text Comments (96102)
Ask Bruce. (36 minutes ago)
2:11 whats "snuffed" up lol
Iko (1 hour ago)
Heya guys, here before the Jojo gang takes over this comment section for at least 2 years
Someone ·· (2 hours ago)
Lets all appreciate how they changed "fucked up" to "fluffed up"
Euclase W (2 hours ago)
Guys make sure you don't walk down the stairs next week
Maximo Ruiz Flores (3 hours ago)
Me encanta que asta grito
Celeste Kaminska (4 hours ago)
Life is a long lonely road, for some.
Ant Wavy (4 hours ago)
Brian Crowe Acolyte (5 hours ago)
My mom took my Xbox, the only Xbox that I've ever known. I'm an uppper class, emo white boy that failed a test.
Romina Cabrera (6 hours ago)
Teali Johnson (6 hours ago)
I am in love with broken dreams...not shallow
Marry me
*Roses are red Violets are blue you found this comment Here’s a cookie just for you 🍪
Wertimmm (9 hours ago)
,,It's just a phase mom!"
skater bro's (10 hours ago)
I have no friends I'm one of the fat kidd😭
Lyladestructs (11 hours ago)
The starsGreed tv (12 hours ago)
2019 April??
favricio gastón (12 hours ago)
no muy bueno muy bueno
Gianluca Cavalletto (13 hours ago)
1989 anno del morso
Ammar Ali (14 hours ago)
Old songs are way too better than current songs
David Marshall (14 hours ago)
same here
Shuik (14 hours ago)
When you get lost in Walmart
Kly Mj (14 hours ago)
Lyrics: If your a real fan you know them
Arka prova Singha roy (14 hours ago)
he has a round belly because of excessive alcohol abuse.
Chloe Storey (15 hours ago)
Still to this very day.. And beyond.. This song will always be an absolute belter.🔥
md apon (15 hours ago)
what editing software did they use,, ?? plz someone tell me, i will my video stormy
voligram Lampung (16 hours ago)
Freddy Lim (16 hours ago)
You'll never walk alone
aabeg thapa (17 hours ago)
Still stunning and fresh😎😜
メRazorBladeメ (17 hours ago)
Batista also walks alone
Max Alex (18 hours ago)
че кавэ, будто дела?
Spylle (18 hours ago)
When all your teammates die in Fortntie
carlos neto (19 hours ago)
lobo Solitario !
Kannan R (19 hours ago)
this song is underrated...
Gaming 2000 (19 hours ago)
The song is 'melodramatic fools'
Bedant Pokémon Vortex (20 hours ago)
April 6969 anyone ??
Oldschool (20 hours ago)
When you play hide and seek with your friends and you realize your the only one hiding
Драго (21 hours ago)
I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don’t know where it goes But it’s home to me and I walk alone I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I’m the only one and I walk alone I walk alone I walk alone I walk alone I walk a… My shadows the only one that walks beside me My shallow hearts the only thing that’s beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah I’m walking down the line That divides me somewhere in my mind On the border line of the edge And where I walk alone Read between the lines What’s fucked up and everythings all right Check my vital signs to know I’m still alive And I walk alone I walk alone I walk alone I walk alone I walk a… My shadows the only one that walks beside me My shallow hearts the only thing that’s beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah I walk alone, I walk a… I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I’m the only one and I walk a.. My shadows the only one that walks beside me My shallow hearts the only thing that’s beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone!
Romita Dey (22 hours ago)
49k dislikes????
ANIME TUBE (22 hours ago)
Idiot 90x
LDRM 97 (22 hours ago)
L. E. G. E. N. D
BIBIMBAP FILMS (22 hours ago)
Here because of codfish.
Abatayo Chrysostom (23 hours ago)
If you cant make People believe you
roderickheaney (23 hours ago)
any lefties feel that they walk alone in a world full of right handed people.im left handed and i certainly do
Примет всем, кто слушает в 2019))
Kelly Da Cat ツ (1 day ago)
Maisha Tasnim (1 day ago)
I was thinking, today I'm gonna try to listen some soft pop music. After 0.99 seconds- "I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one, and I walk alone" I tried a lot, but I can't listen to the pop things. I've born in a wrong generation...
kalkku kliru (1 day ago)
When you're The last one to Be chosen to a team.
camelo (1 day ago)
What part of the world do you come green day
Dipayan Dey (1 day ago)
You will never walk alone with Liverpool
Octo David (1 day ago)
Someday soon JoJo fans will be here
Rouge one (1 day ago)
Looking back, this song was INCREDIBLY emo but I don't mind
Faiyaz Ishraqmasud (1 day ago)
Billie Joe: *I walk a lonely road* His 2 band mates: *Pinches him*
The true Cthulhu (1 day ago)
I’m paralyzed in my legs so I roll alone😂🅱️🅱️😐
Lord Tullus 9 (1 day ago)
Soon, they will come... Soon... This Boulevard will have one dream: To Rise above the Boss of Passione!! (That's Jojo-speak for Look out, the jojo fans are comming)
TheLennyChannel (1 day ago)
1:18 When someone shits on the pool just for attention.
Iqbal Fitri (1 day ago)
Why is everything moulding from the ground up?
GN Oliveira (1 day ago)
*BR 2028* ???
Justin Kreuser (1 day ago)
Who else listening in 2024?
My fav song from green day bois!
Succy Succ Succ (1 day ago)
This comment section will soon be taken over by the Jojo gang
Survival Team (1 day ago)
Todos hablando del ayuwoki y se olvidan del poderoso wakalon
GuidoMista (1 day ago)
why is there mold on me ????????!!!!!!!!!!
DunklerJägerZach (1 day ago)
when berd post the betrayal video
Pixicron (1 day ago)
Discovered this song a couple weeks ago, it sounds so freaking good
Spongebob Matrix (1 day ago)
Itay Fishler (1 day ago)
My favorite song ever
Damar Fauzi (1 day ago)
Nice Song
Priyanshu Panwar (1 day ago)
satansleftnut25 (1 day ago)
I didn’t know Ray William Johnson was the lead singer of green day
I came because of the emo vibes and reasonably good instrumental I left because of an unknown reason I came back because of Berd Like if you came back because of Berd.
British Buffoons (1 day ago)
When you're the walk a lonely road and it's the only road you've ever known.
Kristalyn Heath (1 day ago)
#realible I’m lonely
Alessandro Zipponi (1 day ago)
fanculo Consoli, va a succhiare i cazzi
Rivers Channel (1 day ago)
Dudes behind u be like am I garbage to you? Btw u guys are my fav band and American idiot is my all time fav song!
Anthony Hardaway (1 day ago)
Hey Hey!!! C’mon Greenday!!! 2019
Leon Scholl (1 day ago)
Stop making jokes of this masterpiece!
Marcus Reasor (1 day ago)
we you go to get a cup of coffeeand its empty
Commander Costas (1 day ago)
WARNING People who enjoy Green Day and people who are here from old-school memes In a few weeks this comment section will be taken over by the JoJo fandom, brace yourselves
Lia :3 (14 hours ago)
thank you for the warning wise one. jojo takes queen, and now green day :(
Yugi Tan (1 day ago)
i am different, i walk alone
hendri suprapto (1 day ago)
2099 ?
Vic Gomes (2 days ago)
I walk alone 😞
BlueStrom Gaming (2 days ago)
Who hears this in 2019 LIKE 😂
Jose Rdz (2 days ago)
Prepare. In a couple of weeks, this comment section will become property of the Jojo fandom.
Pixicron (1 day ago)
+Jose Rdz Ooooh ok thanks for explaining :)
Jose Rdz (1 day ago)
+Pixicron Green day and Oasis fight will be soon.
Pixicron (1 day ago)
Why ?
Samantha Moreno (2 days ago)
Luke todavia duele demasiado que ya no estes
Brenda De Jesus (2 days ago)
I'm in that time of my life where I learned to walk alone.
renee singh (2 days ago)
HELLO I AM THE 315,058,000 viewer woo
Am I Dead Yet? (2 days ago)
When you have to walk to school alone.
Rohan Naqvi (2 days ago)
Dwight sang it better
Triandika 01 (2 days ago)
Codfish cover with beatbox It so cold
Adarsh Kotian (2 days ago)
The most emo song ever.
Zacharie Zacharie (2 days ago)
Everything below me is turning to mold
Ratticus Finch (2 days ago)
This song makes me want to go to Italy and become an insane surgeon. Gaining a giant muscle-bound watermelon ghost than can create a flesh-rotting mold. Then get a human pet who wears a yellow gimp-suit he calls "Oasis" that swims through the ground.
ivan Z (2 days ago)
2019 like
HgOST music (2 days ago)
Hello codfish fans
Jurxnator 27 (2 days ago)
David Ventura Boxing (2 days ago)
Daylyt? Anyone?
jasmin rodriguez (2 days ago)
cool me encanta
CarlP DARK (2 days ago)
actualmente sigo escuchador esta canción ( 2019 ) Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
soonho kwon (2 days ago)
Dogs: bark! Bark! Cats: meow! Meow! Retards: 2019? 2019?

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