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NF - Dreams (Audio)

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Official video for “Dreams” by NF from the album Perception. Subscribe to NFrealmusic on YouTube: http://nfmusic.me/youtube Stream ‘Perception’ Spotify: http://nfmusic.me/perception.sp?IQid=vevo Apple: http://nfmusic.me/perception.ap?IQid=vevo SoundCloud: http://nfmusic.me/perception.sc?IQid=vevo Download ‘Perception’ iTunes: http://nfmusic.me/perception.it?IQid=vevo Amazon: http://nfmusic.me/perception.az?IQid=vevo Get ‘Perception’ on CD Best Buy: http://nfmusic.me/perception.bb?IQid=vevo Amazon: http://nfmusic.me/perception.azp?IQid=vevo Follow NF Instagram: https://instagram.com/nfrealmusic/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nfrealmusic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nfrealmusic Spotify: http://smarturl.it/NFSpotify Website: http://www.nfrealmusic.com/ Music video by NF performing Dreams. (C) 2017 NF Real Music, LLC http://vevo.ly/r4ejg2
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Text Comments (3427)
Spirit Vibe (12 hours ago)
nF is underrated for a reason. He stacks the fortune while hanging back in the rafters waiting to go platinum. Fame isn't everything
Gaz (1 day ago)
laughed..because he could actually fill his tank..
Song Dragon (2 days ago)
People are hating on people who learned about nf from let you down but why? Like so what, we're still fans!
toby8990 toby8990 (2 days ago)
NF is the best christian rapper, i wish i could meet him.
Gilgamesh Of Sumer (1 day ago)
False. NF is the best Artist that has ever existed.
Averian Collins (2 days ago)
Sit back, and witness truth music. No front, just heart. Need more artists like this
Hailey Garrido (3 days ago)
NF understands our feelings more then we know our feelings. 🖤
Tanishia Mccoggle (3 days ago)
Woow this speaks to me and It feels so relatable
Demetrius Jamerson (4 days ago)
This song is my shhhh......
RVG Delta (4 days ago)
Finally an artist who sings for purpose not $$$
Stanley Nyirongo (4 days ago)
am i the only person that`s still loves and listens to this song in 2019?
This song is just fire!
Blood Staind Faze (5 days ago)
📢 This is to all Record Labels wanting to sign me. 📢 Do not start out the conversation with, "You wanna become rich and famous." 🤔 I care more about helping people with my music, then how much money I can make from my fans. 💰 Yes, your industry that you run, is a business. But this is my career! Like NF says, "I wanna know, that the people around me care less about Grammy's and more about family!" 🤜🤛 - Blood Staind Faze
Alexandra Elena (7 days ago)
NF makes me think about one mbti personality wich i totally find myself into and his feelings drag me to conclusion that maybe he is INFJ too.
Taty Gonzalez (7 days ago)
I hate it how people say "FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! BE YOURSELF " But society doesn't accept you for who you wanna be. Instead they choose your dreams for you and you might hate it. Like if u agree
Laurynn Araújo (7 days ago)
Matheus Santana (7 days ago)
YAofficial (7 days ago)
Yo NF! I want to be a great rapper like you man. You're the best!
kwame ghana-man (8 days ago)
NF ❤️
ZACH BADR (8 days ago)
Chase Rijk (9 days ago)
Sad to see people like Lil pump get more views them him love you NF
Brigitte Schloßarek (9 days ago)
I can cry....... ♥
Avelino Pereira (9 days ago)
Lee The Panda (11 days ago)
"if you think that I'm bout to change who I am just for you then your so wrong." ♥️
Lyrics (11 days ago)
Yeah, most of my life's full of sad days Started at a young age Yeah, bought a house but I've been livin' on stage Tryna find the real me, I ain't found it yet Wake up every morning feelin' like I'm guilty Talk to God, "Can you hear me?" Lately, I'm a mess I don't want no one to help me Yeah, I don't want no one to help me and If you think I make decisions based off of what you think, then you're wrong Can't nobody think for me, I got my own thoughts Sometimes you don't know what you had until it's all gone, 'til it's all gone If I took the hand that was dealt me then I would be nowhere in life Yeah, I had to think smart Threw away the deck and got my own cards Long before I had the money to afford a car I–I've been doin' me I've been doin' me Yeah, I've been doin' me I've been doin' me Followin' my dreams Yeah, I've been doin' me I've been doin' me I've been doin' me Yeah, I've been doin' me I've been doin' me Followin' my dreams Yeah, I've been doin' me Most of my life's full of regrets Things I wanna take back, yeah Wrote you a letter, wish that I had never sent that Didn't even make sense, I don't even know All I know is I get lower on the weekends They tell me I should make friends, I just sit at home Lately, I've been off the deep end, yeah I've been off the deep end and If you think that I'm 'bout to change who I am just for you then you're so wrong As I kid I built a house around my broke cars Sometimes you don't know what you had until it falls apart, 'til it falls apart If I took the hand that was dealt me then I would be nowhere in life Yeah, I had to think smart Threw away the deck and got my own cards Long before I had the money to afford a car I've been doin' me (oh) I've been doin' me Yeah, I've been doin' me (I have been) I've been doin' me Followin' my dreams Yeah, I've been doin' me (followin' my) I've been doin' me I've been doin' me (I've been followin' my) Yeah, I've been doin' me Followin' my dreams Yeah, I'm just doin' me Yeah, I'm just doin' me Yeah, I'm reminiscin' back to both of us laughin' Playin' old records thinkin' every one of 'em's classic Windows down, we on the street up in Michigan rappin' We talked about it, but never really knew it could happen My confidence about as low as the gas is We didn't have the money for it, so we'd turn the key backwards And sit in parking lots for hours 'til the battery crashes I think that we related 'cause both of us were lookin' for answers A couple months ago I drove into Gladwin, got me all in my feelings It's somethin' 'bout bein' somewhere that's familiar Pull in the gas station, open up the tank then I fill it then laugh Would I move back? Mm, not in a million, but I appreciate the memories that we had I know you've been callin', sorry I never call back I know I've been distant, you know I never meant that You can tell the family how I'm doing if they ask I'm just doin' me
Lee The Panda (11 days ago)
He's so friggin real it's awesome. He's literally all I listen to and my family is getting sick of him 😂 don't understand why... Realmusic for life ♥️
SKIBBZ Aminations (12 days ago)
Richtig gut
Vika_ Fifika (13 days ago)
Congrats on your 3mil subs🎉 from your fan since mansion☝🏽
shyan parchment (13 days ago)
I so love the way NF see the world he seem so real when it comes to life
barsha sahu (13 days ago)
After Adele, this person is the one whose almost every songs I'm gonna download... Love fm India
Sp1rit 8 (14 days ago)
Lyrics is pretty much about me
Eleandro kalemi (14 days ago)
How isn't he famous 🤐 I only heard about him today and every song of him is perfection 👏👏
Karmin Lemery (10 days ago)
Cause he's not a mainstream rapper that only cares about the money & fame that's why.
TruthfullySpoken (15 days ago)
still get goosebumps when i listen to this. (I listen about 10 times a day)
Hediya B (15 days ago)
I found NF back in high-school 2015 & I’m still hooked, Going through hard times I listen to him & know that I’m not alone in this shitty world.
The Lyrics (15 days ago)
The Lyrics (15 days ago)
I’m soooo sus
Ultrin Do'urden (16 days ago)
My favorite NF song.
AB gaming (17 days ago)
You have helped me see the most important things in my life and have helped me become a better overall person
Svsuke Coronv (17 days ago)
If you stop dreaming in real life, you stop dreaming in your mind
Can’t wait for you to hit 3 million
lσѕт мσση (17 days ago)
I love your songs 😔💙
Amanda Panda (18 days ago)
Amanda Panda (18 days ago)
Feeling guilty from being raised into a drug addict family is what I feel. hey, I have been me... Damn. GOD blessed us for some reason.
Manny chavez (17 days ago)
who think's about the world when they listening to NF's music?
Bexi (18 days ago)
Beautiful Video, Job Well Done. <3
Grandmaster Striker (19 days ago)
Late night vibes...
Chris C (19 days ago)
I love you Trinity
Colt (19 days ago)
I was driving from Texas to Los Angeles California one time on vacation and found NF.. way back in 2017. Now it's 2019 and I'm still listening to him.
Felicity Langlinais (19 days ago)
Who listens to his music and not only relates but feels like they can do anything now that their insecurities, doubts, pain, problems, whatever they are have been dissolved and turned into hope and courage? Who else becomes INSPIRED?
Jose luis Alanis (19 days ago)
I got my tour rickets
Joshua Mccurry (19 days ago)
Who's life has com like his and u relies that's thars no point in life the song how could you leave us describes me wat describes you
I love this 🖤
kenny huynh (20 days ago)
2 words ***Best Accident***
Hooman Thing (20 days ago)
18 million views... 2.8 million subscribers... Get with the program honey.
T GillyDilly (20 days ago)
Playing with reality your bound to lose your mind
차엘리민 (20 days ago)
차엘리민 (20 days ago)
차엘리민 (20 days ago)
Jany Gavino (21 days ago)
The 2.9k dislikes are people who don’t know what REAL music is. NF is one of my favorite Artists! Always making me feel some type of way❤️💯❤️
Katherine Williams (21 days ago)
I thank NF for changing my life
pug gaming 007 (21 days ago)
Yusra Afreen (21 days ago)
Why does this have only 18M views 😒😒
Jason Ash (21 days ago)
i am from gladwin Michigan whats up?
Michael D (22 days ago)
"Most of my life is full of regrets,things i want to take back,wrote you a letter wish i never sent that..no,didn't even make sense i don't even know"-i relate tbh besides it wasn't a letter & it was a DM...i should of gave more details but what i said (which is to personal to type on YouTube comments) was the truth just very confusing & i didn't give details & it was pretty stupid the what i typed after the message like the awnsers to the questions,really old photo before I met the person,a question i asked and other stuff etc.(i ain't explaining what im talking about),i already felt like she forgot me so this confusing DM on Instagram wasn't going to make her remember anything...i was probably deep down scared to go into detail im ngl or i just was typing off my head & not thinking about it...the things I typed made it look so stupid,i actually answered a question the person asked wrong & didn't realize it was 2 grades we were in the same class not 1...7th & 8th but if i typed all that now it would be weird af because she doesn't even remember the DM most likely & even if she did...she would think why im addressing old DM,the way i handled that situation was embarrassing & a mess for me..i was thinking about something else then that verse came on & it hit me,my regrets were before that message though even though i do regret the mess i handled that situation in to...it was more of before the DM
Andrea Pulcifer (22 days ago)
love this song
Lilly Darden (23 days ago)
Lilly Darden (23 days ago)
I love it
Ben Brass (23 days ago)
Jack Sparrow (23 days ago)
Apparently high volumes of music can damage youre hearing... Good..
G.O.A.T (23 days ago)
Listening To NF makes my life better.
Abbie Shaw (24 days ago)
NF &phora anyone?
My boi is almost at 3 mil.
Min Suga (25 days ago)
Esta canción es demasiado buena, sinceramente pienso que deberia ser más reconocido este artista, las letras de sus canciones son increibles, me siento muy identificada con ellas
Tech BG (25 days ago)
I think the only place where you can find hurt people from all over the world is the place where you can afford to express your own opinion below NF songs... Respect!
in love...
FAIL155 (27 days ago)
There is hope. When you die, you are going to stand before God and give an account for your life. Because God is good, He is going to judge you according to the perfect, moral standard of His Law. If you've ever lied, stolen, or taken His name in vain; He will find you guilty of breaking his Law. Because God is good. he must punish your sin; and the punishment for all sin against God is eternity in Hell. But God is also merciful, loving and kind in that He provided one way to escape that punishment; and that was through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ: fully-God and fully-Man, without sin. He Died on the cross a death He did not deserve, in order to take upon Himself the punishment you rightly deserve, for your sins against God. And then three days later He forever defeated sin and death when He rose from the grave. What God requires of you is that you repent (turn from your sin and turn toward God) and by faith alone, receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Repent & Cry out to Jesus our only savior today!!! He can save you, He will save you, even if he doesn't save you... Cry out to Him! Please do it today!
Filippo Gaita (27 days ago)
Kaio Ken43 (27 days ago)
ma boy NF ` is a legend.
Alex Crazygirl! (28 days ago)
This song should not be call dream it should be call I have been doing me 💗
Hannah Collier (28 days ago)
this song makes me feel some type of way. i can feel it deep in my soul and it feels like a vibration within my lungs. It’s odd but so satisfying. idk what it is but it makes me think about life, about my future, and all my past mistakes. it’s incredible what music can do to you
Kyeraun Grant (29 days ago)
2.8k people can’t handle a real rapper 🙏
Mosey (30 days ago)
If you’re reading this I hope one day you’ll get rich 🔥🔥👌🏽
What he means by “you don’t what you had till it’s all gone” it means what if you told a relative you hated them or you called them stupid and the next day they die in a car crash what’s the last thing you told them? Thinking of those memories can ruin you.☹️
Jaimee Gilmore (1 month ago)
Ditto I couldn't have said it better...I seriously feel this music finally someone who isnt just singing at us please dont crush me tell me there is no ghost writer because I would be devasted....love you that's for real your truly my inspiration wow and you are so very young
bck hm (1 month ago)
Scroll down. I am just searching Lyrics. Have a nice day
Michael King (1 month ago)
That 3rd verse hits my soul everytime! This is one of the realest songs iver ever heard! It sucks that NF doesnt get the recognition he deserves, because if they had his music in the spotlight that these whack artist rapping about xanax and lean have, i feel like it would be way better for the culture and have a huge positive impact on alot of people, especially the younger generation.
Michael D (1 month ago)
"Most of my life is regrets"-so true
Nasario Lopez (1 month ago)
♥ dreams
Savannah Valentina (1 month ago)
I feel you nf. All of my life even when I was 4 and 5 years old it was really tough
Rich Vybez (1 month ago)
Thanks NF
Isiah Taylor (1 month ago)
One of the realist songs out right now!!!!!
Manny chavez (1 month ago)
NF is one of the best singer and rapper!
Timothy Andrea Walcott (1 month ago)
thanks to my old friend for introducing me to his music, it's been a year now
Ricky Ramirez (1 month ago)
Yeah, most of my life's full of sad days Started at a young age I feel this whole fucking song banger
Jimin's jams (1 month ago)
NF is a piece of art. Nah. He's art.
Nikki Chan (1 month ago)
i love this song it made my life so much better
T a y o (1 month ago)
what a song !
Hans Curryworst (1 month ago)
The police got todat my phone and i cant get my phone back and i am sad and wanne die but if i listening NF i Feel a lot better
Jonathan Patterson (1 month ago)
I just can't get over how good NF is. I'm 38 and have been a hip hop fan since the early 90's and never have I heard an artist as relatable and real as NF. I'll admit, I only discovered him about 6 months back, but have been listening to him non-stop since. The crazy thing too is that I'm Agnostic, but still love his messages and views on life. I'm so thankful to have found his music and look forward to all the great music to come.
Jonathan Patterson (1 month ago)
+Nicole Logan That's awesome you have gotten to meet him. I definitely plan on seeing him next time he's in my area. I keep checking his tour calendar lol. I know I'm late to the show, but am proud to be part of the NF fan base now.
Nicole Logan (1 month ago)
Jonathan Patterson I found him years ago, he had a few thousand subscribers. Knew he was destined to be a star. His music is so therapeutic. Ive been lucky enough to meet him at 3 VIP shows because noone took me seriously when I said he is AMAZING
The Gaming Show (1 month ago)
Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for you You Are Beautiful. You Are Wanted. You Are Wonderful. Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see darkness before the light. And always remember, Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you. Your own unique Mindset always tries to engage in the right ways Now read the first letter of every word You Matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. heart Continue on heart be a soldier. Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you! Good luck! Please pass this on to other videos!
Tannya Davis (1 month ago)
You are finding you and you are gonns be the most amazing lyrics ever to come. So proud of you. Never look back.
AirForce Gamer (1 month ago)
I want to be a rapper like nf so bad. I've gone through alot of the same shit he has and I have plenty to rap and talk about. Good subject matter. But I suck at writing I get writers block and my flow is garbage. Some people just werent meant for that I guess. Still I would love to help people like he does with music

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