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How To Look Sexier Wearing All BLACK! | How to Wear All Black

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Text Comments (791)
fugg (18 days ago)
anyone know the name of the watch he's wearing?
Memex (27 days ago)
black attracts heat nature is racist man
2rue (1 month ago)
Is it Possible to Wear only Sweaters with different Colours?
john k (1 month ago)
why does everything have to be a sales pitch
Astronaut (1 month ago)
no no no... this is false... to wear all black just wear all black... not white and black shoes ALL BLACK
Saima Hossain (1 month ago)
Black My favorite cat color and my shirt are black. They are shorts
MahadJamz (1 month ago)
Why is this dude screaming at us tho? Great advice but super annoying...
You look weak and degenerate... Just like all other sheeple! This is why I wear milita/BDUs.
datpoor _guy (2 months ago)
*Colour yourself in black paint head to toe*
Sooraj Krishna (2 months ago)
How mutch possible... To wear Black shirt and black pants
Abdiel Barraza (2 months ago)
I'm 18 and out of high school but from my freshman year to my senior year I wore black dress shoes with black Jean's and a black shirt or jacket every single day. You would never see me with color ! Hahaha I would wear a leather jacket in the summer . I'd be sweating buckets but I'd be like " beauty hurts " 😂😂 I'm glad I've changed and I have much more color in my wardrobe 😁😁
56709 (2 months ago)
Like for ESNTLS, Reply for Trim
Daniel Hec (2 months ago)
“You wouldn’t wear black in the summer” Me: has been wearing black in summers since the age of 12😂
12345 apt (2 months ago)
How to wear Black step one: be Johnny Cash
Anthony Jones (2 months ago)
I like the t shirt but finsing nice black jeans is hard
Jack Cheney (3 months ago)
What about shoes? Type & color?
IndioholiX (3 months ago)
For the last 10 years I been wearing shorts, Heat, rain, floods, snows ( yes snow) I always wear black. After 10 years I'm going to start dressing sharp! thanks to your video, I also bought a watch Vincero watch Chrono S. Amazon sent me the wrong color I wanted the black one they sent me the mocha color one. I dig it!!!!!. So I'm getting lots of your tips. I will still wear black snow or heat, that's just my style but this video will help me allot more keeping up with it.
Yala Yolo288 (3 months ago)
I wish I was trim
Simon De Belleme (3 months ago)
Here's my penny worth:- Make sure all of your all black clothing is natural fibres - cotton, linen, silk, wool, leather. Mix and match textures, not colours. If it's cool enough - wear a hat (NOT a sports style baseball cap!). And shoes - pay particular attention to these. Always wear the best you can afford and avoid wearing sneakers/gym shoes at all costs, unless you are actually jogging or playing sport - these are NOT smart or sophisticated, and make you look like a teenage wannabe, whatever the fashion magazines say. And pay attention to deodorants, as a lot of these can ruin black clothing. I use a crystal deodorant that is based on salts and does not spoil clothing.
Peter McIver (3 months ago)
That tee shirt is Grey isn't it? I wear all black quote often black tee under a black suit with shiny black shoes and socks
Dragon Killer (3 months ago)
*How To Wear All Black* 1st Tip: *Wear Black*
Thatchana Thatchu (3 months ago)
I will wear on feb 14th 😅😅😅😀
Luka Terbuc (4 months ago)
Emm how to wear black. Be heavy metal AF
Simona Varg (4 months ago)
How to wear black? Step 1: Wear black all the time and be a badass goth. ;) Dude, not everyone will dress up like you.. Black is way of living.
Ashten mark (4 months ago)
Can you wear black in the morning
Feroz Sayyed (4 months ago)
Ur video feels like a talking manequin outside a cloth shop..
Odessa (5 months ago)
All my clothes is black and I will marry one who only use all black too :DDDDDDDDDD
Ajay kumar EVERTHING (5 months ago)
Bhai tu bolta jyada ha dikhta kam hai
Adam Nes (5 months ago)
Become an undertaker
Whos This (5 months ago)
I wear all black all the time
Rebel Knight VIII (6 months ago)
This video should get a nobel prize
A YouTube Account (6 months ago)
How to get arrested
Rakesh Rakey (7 months ago)
Omg now only i got to know this video was published on my birthday but two years back 😠😞😢
Raven BatWolf (7 months ago)
But I love black
Dr. Flecriotic (7 months ago)
Normal people: You re not gonna be in the middle of the day rocking throught the city with an all black look when its 100 degrees outside *My metalhead self: yeah i will*
SSJ2 Vegeta (7 months ago)
I'm always wearing black and the fucking police catch me to check and keep asking what I gang I belong to and all people have always said my style is a lot like gangsters that's why the police always catch me. Fun fucking fact I actually am a gangster 😂
bt 4PF (3 months ago)
whats ur IG foo
joshua bowler (7 months ago)
Remember when he was bald
Jack Crow (8 months ago)
If I wanted to wear black jeans and a black button down nice shirt should I do this or not
Arijit Biswas Makeup (8 months ago)
Black is never boring
TheMuffinpumperkale (8 months ago)
Wear at the right location and time? Seriously? Black is a commitment, black is a lifestyle, black is a decision. Either do it right, and always, or not at all. People who always wear black, and I know there are plenty of us, understand me.
Sami Niblett (8 months ago)
José your the best
Mark Lugo (8 months ago)
I want to pull off the all the all black look with band shirts but unfortunately, they all fade after a while which sucks!
ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟ.ʟᴄɴ (8 months ago)
1:49 What Nike is this?
JNP (8 months ago)
Wear black in the right season? If not wear it in the summer, why do you pose with sunglasses?
ERNEST KWAME (8 months ago)
I HAVE super dark skin doing all black look will make me virtually invisible
fumemanv (8 months ago)
How bout white?
Louis Tonkinson (8 months ago)
Abdulwali Nayebzada (8 months ago)
Where do you get that t-shirts from???
Rafael Ybarra (8 months ago)
What’s the right season to wear all black and how should the weather be when wearing it ??
bt 4PF (3 months ago)
not hot
Matt Iozzi jr. (8 months ago)
....You didnt really think id spend 200 dollars for a shirt right?....
Cooper (9 months ago)
This is amazing
Vyonn (9 months ago)
0:24 I don’t mean to spread a case of cancer but, * inhales * ITS JOHN FUCKING WICK!!!
JNP (9 months ago)
You messed up. Why wearing sunglasses with black clothes? Black clothes and sun are not so good friends...
Jhudiel Batucan (9 months ago)
T-shirt is good?
Sword Rayn (9 months ago)
U r looking so sexy today comparing to other days....😍😍😎
Aaron_the_Guitarist (10 months ago)
Dude dat shirt👍🏻👍🏻
Halasa11 (10 months ago)
What’s that watch that Jose is wearing
Elias Wong (10 months ago)
Great EPIC video this time!!! To be honest, some of your vids where you try to preach about how to get a personality and all that testosterone infused hype b.s are just crap. But this time, agree with the whole concept, content, and even music and editing of this video. As long as you stick with "fashion advice & insight I really believe you are one of the best I've seen based on your good taste & natural charisma in front of d camera :) Keep up d good work!
asum power (10 months ago)
You know that Johnny cash song.
TheHolyGhost (10 months ago)
Show me one video of jose which is not sponsored
JTundra (10 months ago)
All black errythang. Black car black suit black cock black chick black people food black people style dialect
Naoshin Islam (10 months ago)
Step 1 money 2 money
Naoshin Islam (10 months ago)
make a video for hairstyles nd eyeglassses
Naoshin Islam (10 months ago)
u look great with black outfit
jb brown (10 months ago)
My nickname is john wick cuz i wear all black
StayWoke (10 months ago)
The shirts are sold out fml
go figure (10 months ago)
Unconsciously I did that way before I saw ur vid or someone to tell me , I also always put something on my shirts like an vest or something to look more sophisticated , I think i.m naturally born to have style and taste in fashion 😋
Haych (10 months ago)
What country are u from ?
Abhishek Marathe (11 months ago)
Does anyone know the nike shoes Jose is wearing in the beginning of the video?
James Weber (11 months ago)
real men only need a $3 Tee to get it done though
Alix Silvestre (11 months ago)
Him:You're not gonna be out in the streets wearing an all black look when it's like 100° out! Me:Uh yes the fuck I am!
What ? (11 months ago)
what if you don't have enough money and have no choice but to buy budget clothes?
Fabu lous (11 months ago)
i love black colour but not black people
Eternity Chaos (11 months ago)
next idea:what to wear to a club or any party
Marek Štěpánek (11 months ago)
2:18 Please where can i buy this sunglasses? 🔥🙌🏻
Nico Herrera (11 months ago)
Don’t do it all the time, that’s exactly the key to keep it interesting
JamesBieBoe (11 months ago)
If you have dark skin and you are watching this leave know.
Progressive Ohio (11 months ago)
Always on point, on fleek...
Karnika Yashwant (11 months ago)
What do you suggest if there is a slight tummy of 1-1.5 inch protruding? Would you prefer to loose shirt so it does not appear weird or a tight where its clearly visible?
Alexey Baikov (1 year ago)
Русские кушать?
Rawmeo (1 year ago)
Do a video on all white too
Feras Seyam (1 year ago)
You never mentioned MANGO in you're videos...what do you think of the brand
Reese Da Beast (1 year ago)
When I wear all black I usually wear a crazy colored shoe so they can stand out. I personally think it looks good
Nik Man (1 year ago)
You are too thin for an all black look m8 plus you are too dark skinned for it
Moidul Sk (1 year ago)
Shoes also black or white sneaker 😎
Siren (1 year ago)
Here's a physics lesson for you, black is the best colour to wear when you're not at direct exposure to light because it is the best *radiator* of heat meaning your heat is being radiated away faster. Unless you expect yourself to be out in the sun for the whole day then black is the best colour to wear.
Brian Merritt (5 months ago)
That makes sense, it absorbs your body's energy as easily as it absorbs the Sun's? That makes total sense, since the body's internal temperature is actually much higher than normal outdoor temperature.
Sean John (1 year ago)
What he was really trying to say is my Instagram is hustleminded37
Tierra Isbell (1 year ago)
You dress like a girl that has no fashion skills. Your generation is fucked. Y'all gotta have tutorials on what to wear. And it's all gay looking. Classic will always be sexy no matter what weirdo trend these weird dudes get on and use to get laid by girls that look like dudes.
Tierra Isbell (1 year ago)
You know how long we been sexy in all black. Quality ???!!!! What are you wearing that's quality?? Trendy black wearing guys as yourself look and sound funny. Look at your whack ass shoes!!! That shirt is fucking polyester. Hahaha. So guys check it,, if you dress gay like this dude You too can look whack as shit. Those of us wear black whenever and y'all's women y'all can't get laid by love us in the middle of summer. Nigga you sound gay. Those of us That have always been fly will always be fly. Get a hair cut. So you think dudes look good and call em boys. You want everyone lookin fucked up as you. What a queer Bro them shoes are GAY!!!!
aligboyakasha (1 year ago)
3:10 sponsor ends
Zachary Dostal (1 year ago)
Could you tell me where you purchased the black sunglasses used in the video?
Joey King (1 year ago)
Kid talk a lot of shit
Wolfgang Klinger (1 year ago)
Go Jose the type of Zuniga to wear his sunglasses at night
jacques custer (1 year ago)
hello, where did you buy the black sunglasses you have on one of your black looks?
My wardrobe is boring then..I own only black clothes
HARENDRA GUPTA (1 year ago)
Hey bro can I wear a half sleeve plain black t shirt instead of a full sleeve??
Turbotonics Films (1 year ago)
I think you just offended Road man shaq, “man can never be hot!”
SSJR Dude (1 year ago)
I'm gonna make my entire wardrobe black
Mythic Hack (1 year ago)
Damn this guy is epic!!! I followed these clothes and I wear it and my crush keeps doing eye contact on me like 50 times now and she really said that she has a crush on me too...BTW thanks Teaching Men Fashion!

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