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Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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Text Comments (46564)
Linda S (51 minutes ago)
I wonder if his Liquid White could be like Gesso?
La Gatita (4 hours ago)
*Bob Ross paints land* 9:14 Jenna: "Wait, he made land out of nothing...!" God, HOLD MY BEER.
Samantha Luckenbaugh (10 hours ago)
Please more Bob Ross tutorials this was gold
Krystal Kerns (10 hours ago)
That is actually beautiful
Lisa Murphy (12 hours ago)
It’s really a legit challenge to find something on YouTube nowadays that’s truly original, unique and a truly a pleasure to watch. So jaded before checking out JM...I figured another YouTube clone talking in that ear torturing YouTube sing song narrative- What a breath of fresh air. Jenna makes you feel like you’re just strolling around in her life. And it’s not just funny, it’s fun. She doesn’t default to previously mentioned annoying YouTube voice..she’s having a conversation with a friend or just talking out loud to herself...she ping pongs from adorable moments with her pets, to making fun of herself- if she gets a little R rated, or jokes about others- it’s done without being overtly offensive. I’m late to the party, but glad I got here- obviously millions of others feel the same way! Best wishes in the New Year Jenna!😁🦋
Camerino Contreras (14 hours ago)
If you fix the clouds .... it would be amazing
Maggedy Anne (16 hours ago)
Maggedy Anne (16 hours ago)
Bob Ross is a YouTubed HOLY ‘;/&/&;$/+:(=#&=(:&*7’rekurh I need to subscribe!
a s h. (1 day ago)
Wow not that bad
Nirvana Leaver (1 day ago)
I'm spamming 1.
Phylicia Stevens (1 day ago)
Your painting turned out to be really good!
trinity (1 day ago)
8:37 “mines like a loud mountain though” LMAO
leslie garcia (1 day ago)
Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉
Aww but yours is so great! And happy belated birthday beautiful! always make me laugh so hard 😂
Grayson Norman (1 day ago)
Miranda Felix (1 day ago)
Your trees are great!
Do dont da Hall (1 day ago)
hdb80 (1 day ago)
Part of art fear and getting through it is acceptance. Accept the imperfections. Just as imperfection makes humans more interesting and more beautiful, the same goes for creating. Flaws and scars make the process and form the outcome and it's BEAUTIFUL. So accept all of it wholeheartedly and enjoy painting, Jenna!
Grace Ann (1 day ago)
I came here from Zane and Liza’s painting video and man, what a mood change
TTIG (1 day ago)
Holy shit, the result was fantastic.
Fish Chips (1 day ago)
"There's purple everywhere . . . . . . The devil is everywhere." Had me chuckle to bursting out laughing in milliseconds
Nat is my Name (1 day ago)
Umm why is bob ross in the comments
Nicholas Klann (1 day ago)
Brian Smith (2 days ago)
You did good......not bad at all.
Lexxington Tehya (2 days ago)
“Bob, I’m still on the first threee! Wait! He just made land out of nothinnggg! He’s like a volcano” 😂 omfg I love her
meandhimtoo (2 days ago)
Taby (2 days ago)
Do another Bob Ross tutorial and you should include fellow youtuber Jackson Krecioch - you are both awesome
Vinette Ricci (2 days ago)
Marbles lost for lyfeeeee
Carrie (2 days ago)
The look on ur face when bob ross says , “this turns me on” 🤣😅🤣
BullaBalloBaby (2 days ago)
It turned out really good! Love u jenna
Matthew Galligan (2 days ago)
Honestly Bob would love your painting Jenna, good job. 😊 It is all about the joy of painting after all, it's your little world, you have complete control as he would say. 😊
Blantnat lsoer (2 days ago)
I followed one of his... and it took 3 hours to do. 😬 But ayyy worth it. Rip bob :(
Rhysa's Room (2 days ago)
If I could go back in time and ask Bob Ross anything I would say, "So, you know a thing called ASMR?" *What would you say?*
it kinda looks like a waterfall also HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Pop - Up Productions (2 days ago)
ye s yes yes yeys ysyeyes yesy yeysyey yes
benthepainter (3 days ago)
Looks great 😀
Kayla Tattersall (3 days ago)
Hey this is not bad for your first time. 👍👍
Rianna Baker (3 days ago)
You know I’ve watched this several times and for her first time she did really well
Erika Martinez (3 days ago)
Jenna’s painting came out incredible! I wish they had a p.o. box so that us subscribers can try this and send them our art lol
David Knight (3 days ago)
I think you're a smart ass bitch that needs to quit! Your a mockery!!!!!!
David Knight (3 days ago)
Actually you are!!!
R3AL Sniper (3 days ago)
R3AL Sniper (3 days ago)
I like Bob Ross’ Voice
Blood_Guts-And_Cake * (3 days ago)
IT looks phenomenal.
ocBTyga (3 days ago)
is she about to cry 24/7 ?? Sounds so weird
monze Olivares (3 days ago)
Her painting is really good to me 😂
Riju Chatterjee (3 days ago)
The sky looks like white skidmarks and there's a weird portal to a different dimension in the foreground but the rest of it turned out really pretty xD
Muqadus Fawad (3 days ago)
*BITCH THATS BEAUTIFUL* ......will storytime I am 13 year old and when I was 11years old I got a gold medal in arts and then so on so always believe in yourself and enjoy life
Evie Gribben (4 days ago)
This is sooo good
Somer Vieau (4 days ago)
You did a beautiful job :)
alex c (4 days ago)
Was expecting worse
Michelle Harrison (4 days ago)
That squirrel was awfully close to his nuts.
Michelle Harrison (4 days ago)
Mad Respect for Bob Ross and you did a great job!
Kyashi Tsuki (4 days ago)
IT LOOKS SO GOOD MOREEEEE if you want to that is I can draw for days but am learning paint and to see our paint makes me happy And to see bob Ross makes me happy All around good time
Kyashi Tsuki (4 days ago)
And to see your paint * Typo
I vote for painting series where you legit just paint a bunch of shit
Michaela C. Griffin (4 days ago)
You did great! ❤️
Luna (4 days ago)
Looks Like Kermit Really Is Jennas Kid Lmao
Trisha Lynn (4 days ago)
This actually was done pretty well. Just don't look at the sky... I love the landscape!! Good job Jenna!
tobbaddol (4 days ago)
It's good to keep in mind that Bob already had a finished version of the painting before he started shooting, which he referred to as he was painting on the show. So he's not quite as inhuman as he might seem ;)
Ping Quana (4 days ago)
Omg when she said “I’ll over to beat the devil out of my brush because I’m not in an art studio so I can’t beat the *devil* “ When is said *devil* my notification sound went off and it was like the word *devil* got censored lol
Abbie Grace (4 days ago)
Do another one! X
samfinnorchard (4 days ago)
samfinnorchard (4 days ago)
Jenna set the Bob Ross trend
Sarah Fairchild (4 days ago)
“Mine’s like a loud mountain tho”
Annie Bananie (4 days ago)
Liquid hwhhwaht
Alisha Behrens (5 days ago)
I think it looks great!
Haleigh Goodson (5 days ago)
I love you sweet Jenna! Your painting looks so good though!!!!!
Jason Noe (5 days ago)
Kimaya Fadnavis (5 days ago)
her painting is actually so good
Anthonys Republic (5 days ago)
I about pissed my pants, i have a bad heart................
NOS Huffer (5 days ago)
I can perfectly "picture" your lips around my cock
Imagine Works Life (5 days ago)
Hano H (5 days ago)
Oh wow her end results are amazing. She has talent in her
Jesus Gonzalez (5 days ago)
I must say it's kind of like a breath of fresh air to see something positive and refreshing and just not the same b******* that used to be spitting out about all the politics and and the garbage it's just you and brush and that's pretty funny
A. Corleone (5 days ago)
“No I see nothing, all the time”
Kaylee Bowen (5 days ago)
cj bandyy (5 days ago)
Courtney Czarnik (5 days ago)
OMG I'm dying.
LemmyCranston (5 days ago)
Favorite quote from this. "I've resorted to wiping the devil.
AaronViper (5 days ago)
How come Kermit’s paint job isn’t in this video..? :(
Uri Nation (5 days ago)
It’s a THIN coat of liquid white And your brush wasn’t brissly enough
Blantnat lsoer (2 days ago)
Uri Nation Does it matter because it still turned out perfect 😂😂
Aquanova 99 (5 days ago)
Please do more bob ross paintingssss
Rana Safi (5 days ago)
Omg whoever is running the official channel of Bob Ross commented on this wow!
Ms Freakshow (5 days ago)
"The devil's still in here"
NoobsAreAwesome !! (5 days ago)
Guen (6 days ago)
Love it
Suzi Kourlas (6 days ago)
Trees on point
Megan Cook (6 days ago)
Bob Ross pt. 2 donations from selling the paintings go to any California Fire Relief funds you guys choose...just a thought 😻
emma jones (6 days ago)
no more nervous hairy strokes... *paints aggressively* I FUCKING LOST IT
ELana (6 days ago)
I totally added this video to my personal ASMR playlist
ELana (6 days ago)
Your trees and mountains were absolutely beautiful and dreamy in your painting!!! I can't believe how your's just suddenly morphed and grew from an art fear, into a beautiful landscape. Congratulations.
Zack W (6 days ago)
It turned out pretty good! That man can paint AND manage his equipment like a pro. I've done a few and you get better with each one. Keep painting Jenna! Go out there and make Bob proud:)
b ffo (7 days ago)
Yours is beautiful
Greywind92 (7 days ago)
Jenna your painting is incredible, you have a talent. as a fellow artist it makes me happy to see this:) you should do more of these, i see a lot of other comments saying the same thing.
Jake Gasson (8 days ago)
Okay but this is like good
QueenGagax (8 days ago)
honestly, if you've never tried to follow a bob ross tutorial, try it! it's so therapeutic, and almost puts you into a meditative state.
Faith Reaves (8 days ago)
I've watched this video so many times since you posted it and it is still cracking me up. Also I'm super impressed with the outcome! Its honestly pretty good in my opinion! Also makes me want to see you do another one....and to also make Julien paint one as well. Let's add aries season to the mix! 😬
Claire Butcher (8 days ago)
I am so confused right now, bob ross commented on her video from VIP heaven were all the AWESOME people go ( like bob ross )
Kosette Slater (8 days ago)
Chantal Byrne (8 days ago)
I think it would have been amazing if u let the liquid white dry a bit or put a thinner layer of it on cause then it would blend bettet

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