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Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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Tiffany Redwood (2 hours ago)
That turned out amazing Jenna!
Zoe Jones (12 hours ago)
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Lol Leave it to Jenna to make bob ross stressful 😂😭
Kaylie Cline (13 hours ago)
Bob ross makes a few paintings before he does the final product that is why he is so good when he does it, he takes multiple videos and the one he gets right he puts out there
Alyssa Marten (13 hours ago)
u should do more of these
Stewart Griffin (14 hours ago)
Jikook fan Alice (15 hours ago)
8:11. 1
BeautyMystik (15 hours ago)
You're not bad at painting at all, I think you were using the wrong brush, that's why you were having a hard time, love you ♡
Linda vieyra (17 hours ago)
I fucking love this 🤣💕✨💯
Jacob Wilkening (18 hours ago)
Ur fuckin disgusting You ruined a legend Go die white scum
Emma Moyer (18 hours ago)
everyone should aspire to be like bob ross he genuinely cares about everyone
Leona Delavher (18 hours ago)
You did great Jenna!
Ember Autum (19 hours ago)
White Girl (1 day ago)
Icannot Pretend (1 day ago)
Omg!!! This is both soothing and hilarious. Im feeling my feelings too!!!
Ale PinFer (1 day ago)
i love jenna so much but this is like the only vid of hers that genuinely stresses me out a little bit
jean G (1 day ago)
"I'm already feeling my feelings" same girl. Same
Buffy Geek (1 day ago)
Your painting is awesome! 😀
Alba Vargas (1 day ago)
You Rock, girl!
thasard (1 day ago)
7:48 - 7:52 makes this 100% worth it.
Bella Dog (1 day ago)
The Art teacher showed my art class this video, Love it ^3^
Brianna Love (1 day ago)
This is the first Jenna Marbles video I've watched in years and it was everything I hoped for
ChezzyBezzy 52 (1 day ago)
It looks really good except for the clouds
Derpqueen 101 (1 day ago)
Aww, Jenna! You actually made me cry... I love how positive you were!
Høpe K (2 days ago)
Jenna u need to watch vlogcreations
Luna X (2 days ago)
Ermin L. (2 days ago)
Alexis Johnston (2 days ago)
Jenna!!! You did such great job! WOW!
Linn Kirksaether (2 days ago)
"I'll just wipe the devil instead" ... xD
Brooke Butterworth (2 days ago)
*no, I see nothing all the time* me when I'm asked to check something because I need fucking glasses
TJ (2 days ago)
This is the first video of yours I have seen. You are funny as hell! And you did well on your first Bob Ross attempt.
Lauren Torgersen (3 days ago)
which one is this? did she say?
Ariel Kimberley (3 days ago)
jenna is honestly the calming presence in my chaotic life
normaali lapsi (3 days ago)
Jenna is so relaxing in this video it's scary
Inuvik (3 days ago)
Whoa you seem like Lily from himym
Lana Baker (3 days ago)
You should make a sculpture of one of your dogs 🐶
Shareen (3 days ago)
Your painting turned out really good.
Isabella Okulovich (4 days ago)
This was NOT boring. I was dying laughing. Please do more of these 😂👏🏼😍
Mal Is Your Pal (4 days ago)
Skunk Fluid69 (4 days ago)
Lol @ 5: 56 the power of christ compels you 😗👀
Asher Elric (4 days ago)
He would have loved it.
Hannah Higgins (5 days ago)
jenna make another one or a new art video PLEASEEEEE
Bailey Skyetown (5 days ago)
Anime squad (5 days ago)
You mean the ghost 👻
richard arviso (5 days ago)
Jax Jasmin (5 days ago)
semi sweet (5 days ago)
Wow! you did an amazing job it looks so good
Joana Cruz (6 days ago)
I've watched this video too many times and it still cracks me up 😂 vi love you Jenna!!
Clara S-G (6 days ago)
This was such a sweet and wholesome video <3 Thank you.
Toni Millard (6 days ago)
Jenna needs to do this again!!!!
Salad bag (6 days ago)
Watching her use paper towel on the paint brush hurt my soul
Salad bag (5 days ago)
Rio Aranas for the love of god no. Let your brushes air dry and clean them off with water and soap
Rio Aranas (5 days ago)
Salad bag are we not supposed to do it like that? heh
Silver Loop (6 days ago)
Anyone notice that her kitchen looks like a green screen??
Lisa Goldring (7 days ago)
Jenna’s panic is the funniest video I have ever seen!! 😂
Hazel Pearson (7 days ago)
not gonna lie, but her trees are actually better than his
Alexis Horn (7 days ago)
please do the green screen jenna again cause i fucking died
Kinu Wolf (7 days ago)
Jenna made a waterfall scene
sally crosby (7 days ago)
* presses 1 *
Daisy Gotelaere (7 days ago)
Girl your voice is so soothing!! Please try ASMR!!!
Abbi Normal (7 days ago)
she sounds like shes on the verge of tears the whole time
Chris S (7 days ago)
Ps I think Julian is by definition the embodiment of your too muchness
Chris S (7 days ago)
I love this video I know you don’t care about those of us who would like and agree if the language in all the videos was as clean as this one but it is true!!
Aimee H. (7 days ago)
"I have resorted to wiping the devil."
D N (7 days ago)
If you just fixed the clouds it’s will be really good
amethyst stone (8 days ago)
It actually came out good you just need a little more practice on the clouds but it look good. In my opinion. You should do another one of these please
Iyana Cantrell (8 days ago)
Wow! You did really good!
Raven Curtis (8 days ago)
The liquid white was dripping because you didn't take a bunch of it off with a paper towel like Bob did in all of his paintings, but it still turned out great!! :)
This is honestly one of my favourite Youtube videos of all time. So calming and funny. Makes me feel like all is right in the world. ❤
Mr GirlyGirl (8 days ago)
Jennaaaa! Thats such a pretty painting!
Elle Harvey (8 days ago)
it's beautiful Jenna! Happy birthday!
DegenWoW (8 days ago)
Jenna Marbles is the Icon of YouTube.
Mel Pascal (9 days ago)
OMG!!! Jenna that’s so good! 😍 i draw a lot and paint and honestly this is really good! Bob clearly is a good teacher but you’re also e very good student ❤️
Hadley Davis-Harper (9 days ago)
that looks so good Jenna!
Brittany Lewis (9 days ago)
That's actually really good!
Taylor Menssa (9 days ago)
What bob ross painting is this? I wanna re create it for my birthday!
Em F (10 days ago)
I had brain surgery not quite 2 weeks ago. I have spent a lot of my time recovering watching your videos. They really make me laugh, thank you!
Maram💕 (10 days ago)
I watched this a million times. I was crying from laughing so hard hahahahaha
Dianne A (10 days ago)
Im so glad this video randomly popped up on my feed. This girl is HILARIOUS! Thank you for making me laugh, and the painting is nice too. :)
Alice Varela (10 days ago)
How do you deal with dog hair and paint ? YOU SPEND 10 HOURS ON SOMETHING AND YOU JUST DIE
Trine Petersen (10 days ago)
Jenna Marbles not being extra and loud? just calm and focussed? It's so pleasing.. and pure!
Bárbara Rojo (10 days ago)
"mine is like a loud mountain tho" JAJSJSKSJSJSJSJSK
Cecehinds300 (10 days ago)
what is the tutorial called? I'm asking for a school project.
carly nicholls (10 days ago)
Liquid white helps the oil paint blend well together xx
Laila Milne (11 days ago)
Sophia Villanueva (11 days ago)
Dana Lamberton (11 days ago)
Honestly she did pretty good. The mountains and the trees are nice.
Molly Sensor (11 days ago)
Katie Robertson (11 days ago)
0, too much gene is perfect
SceneKidDoGood921 (11 days ago)
Jenna, i have more than 5-12 years if art combined with painting and drawing and i have to say your painting is beyond what i expected when youve said its so bad. Itd so beautiful, i have a hard time following his advice as it is. omigosh i wish i could buy it.
Bianca Richards (11 days ago)
Did bob ross die
Camille DeMars (11 days ago)
"I'm scared I have art fear" Never have I related to a Youtuber more.
Ira Carlota Tiu (11 days ago)
I keep rewinding this. I'm just so proud of you, Jenna 💕
Hönö Jasu (12 days ago)
There is a eye in your painting JENNA!
Courtney Schneider (12 days ago)
Wait... That is so good!
Vada Caldwell (12 days ago)
pleaee make another one of these videos!!!!!!
julia (12 days ago)
Natalya Guiden (12 days ago)
Jenna: He just made land out of NOTHING, he’s like a VOLCANO 9:14
Stephanie Bernard (12 days ago)
Kynlie Nelson (12 days ago)
It was everything I thought it would be and more!
Bella Willberg (12 days ago)
Thats actually good
leah horton (12 days ago)

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