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Lucy - My Misfortune {Thank you for 1,500+ subs!}
I wasn't editing for awhile, but finally one of my videos finally got finished. Hope you will enjoy it! I decided to make this video due to the new Fairy Tail episode 171. I was listening this song for awhile and decide to use it :3 The video is very important to me because it is dedicated to my subscribers and my friends~ :3
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Alicia Online Ver. 2.0 Trailer  [ Update cancelled by NTreeve ]
omg finally! *o* http://alicia.gametree.co.kr/Default.aspx
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[Fairy Tail AMV] Natsu/Lucy - Forever or never
This is test video of new episodes.. Kinda. Actually, i wanted to show how cool those two characters are ( Natsu and Lucy) I love this song so wanted to make video with it. And i hope this video parts will prove that Fairy Tail is an awesome anime and it's worth to watch :3 Fairy Tail fans know that theres way more epic episodes~ Song: Cinema Bizarre-Forever Or Never (Alternative Radio Rockin' Beatzarre Remix) Anime: Fairy Tail
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{NaLu} Fairy Tail project part 1
Here's my another story of Nalu. (had to change song due to copyright strike) STORY: The scene starts from when Natsu and Lucy wins battle in Fairy island against Kain Hikaru. After the battle they decide to get some rest and regain their magic powers. ABOUT VIDEO: I skipped the after battle scenes 'cause my hands really started to hurt.. So forgive me for that x.x There's lots of unfixed places, it's because my sony vegas hardly rendered this video in computer. Took 2 days to make sony vegas render this project so i didn't fixed anything anymore.. The drawings is not so good as it was in the previous video.. that's because i tried not to copy the scenes anymore. You'll notice some creappy places too xD but im not a pro drawer or manga-ka, please don't forget that x.x ABOUT PART 2: Part 2 of this project wont come out soon.. I'm very busy with school so wont have much time to draw. When xmas vocations start i'll start drawing the part 2. Manga: Fairy Tail Manga author/artist: Hiro Mashima
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[VK] Zeki - Find a Way
WARNING: lots of spoilers This is my first manga video so don't judge me really hard n.n" Future information: This might be my last video for youtubers.. My computer gotten really old so it barely works with sony vegas and it's really laggy. I tried everything to fix that, but nothing worked. It might take awhile till i can make something new. Im really grateful for people who watched and commented my videos. Thank you! About video: In video i wanted to show how Yuuki and Zero fit to each other and show most of the lovely moments of them in the manga. Hope you will enjoy this :3 Programs used: To color manga i used PhotoFiltre program. Video edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9
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{NaLu} Fairy Tail project part 4 ( part 1 )
UNFORTUNATELY I WON'T BE PUBLICLY UPDATING IT ANYMORE, if you want to read the rest of the story please join the others and Patron me to help me complete it and support me. Thank you! You can find my Patreon HERE: https://www.patreon.com/smaliorsha I know it's been awhile since I started working on it and a lot of people been thinking if I'm making part 4 of the story. Well here it is! Only less than half of it thought, I'm still working on the other half :3 Hope you will like it! Story: Next day Lucy somehow manages to go to the guild and face Natsu there again. As they both wanted to talk about yesterday, they rushed to the guilds rooftop. There they had their little chat, but they were disturbed by the rain which had an evil magical presence in it. Meanwhile during the storm Juvia barges into guild while carrying seriously wounded Gray! Then who is on the rooftop together with Natsu and Lucy? D;
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Lucy - Celestial dragon speedpaint ( SAI & PS )
Based and inspired by Eon book You can find finished drawing on my tumblr here :3 http://smaliorsha.tumblr.com/post/142691536553/celestial-dragon-guardian-of-twelve-celestial
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{NaLu} Fairy Tail project part 3
READ DESCRIPTION Finally i finished drawing part 3. Hope you will enjoy it~ Pause to read the scrips :3 Sorry that i made them scroll so fast Dx wanted to fit it with music Story: Natsu been waiting for Lucy to wake up for 7 years, hes sitting near Lucys bed and asks how long is she going to keep sleeping... Gray calls Natsu to come and they start arguing about Lucy. Natsu kept repeating Lucys name and calling for her in his mind, Lucy hears the calling and wakes up after long waiting. Natsu comes back mumbling about Gray and sees Lucy sitting awake. He jumps out from happiness, but Lucy appears to lose her memory and doesn't remember anything. Natsu gets upset and leaves her room crying. While days passed, guild members told Lucy everything by tiny bit, yet they didn't mention the incident with Acnologia. What really happened back then knew only Gray, but he seems to have some kind of plan and starts dating Lucy. Natsu kept quiet and didn't do anything till Mira encouraged him to do something. Natsu runs out from the guild. In the evening Lucy comes back from date with Gray, she finds Natsu sitting in her living room. She tells Natsu to get out and goes to take a book for a night reading. Natsu comes from her behind and leans to kiss her, Lucy kisses him back and they end up in bed. Lucy gets familiar feelings from Natsu kisses, touches and she starts to recall something. After she wakes up she gets really confused and had no idea how to act when Natsu wakes up, yet she looks at Natsu and runs her hand through his hair. She wakes him up by accident.. Natsu trys to hug Lucy but he gets a falcon punch at his face what makes him fly through window. He falls on Happy and gets beaten up by the women around in the street. END! Project cover by: http://akilachione.deviantart.com/ All questions made in part 3 will be answered in part 4, be patient and fallow updates in my DA: http://smaliorsha.deviantart.com/
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Fairy Tail Couple MEP - Parachute
DO NOT MENTION SONG NAME ON THE COMMENTS! Finally it's completed *o* Im really happy that i didn't have to give up on this MEP. Thank you so much for participants. SUBSCRIBE THEM!!! The song is really fked up.. (cannot swear over this) I tried to fix or change it to another quality, but when i do that the parts doesn't go with lyrics anymore so i had to leave how it was v_v Please listen to the sound not so loud.. It doesn't sound so bad then. Even though the MEP parts is amazing, i really love them. Great job everyone, im happy that i could work with such great editors *o* Hope you will enjoy the MEP :3 Part 1:xXSamChanXx [NaLu] Part 2:Vaniillaful [NaLu] Part 3:SkeletorFifi [GeZa] Part 4:Colinette36 [GerZa] Part 5:Kamarazalman [GruVia] Part 6:TheMindfulMadness [GaVi] Part 7:winxariel [GruVia] Part 8:xDreamyStarr [Graylu] Part 9:smaliorsha [NaLu] Part10:XxHeavensXAnglexX [NaLi]
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{NaLu} Fairy Tail project part 2
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRNdLuX5Djs {Read Description} Stop mentioning song name or this video will have to be deleted 'cause of copyright strikes. Here is part 2 Sorry for keeping you wait so long, i really didn't have time to make it.. At kissing scene i used colored drawing since i lost the paper where i drew it x.x So i took the colored one from my DA and placed it here D: Srry that theres no much Happy x_x Im really bad at drawing him, so i tried to avoid him :( I used some REAL manga chapters to make it faster so that i wont need to draw so much.. But I hope you will like it anyway :3 STORY: Lucy dreams about Natsu and makes funny expresions while sleeping.Natsu (woke up early so that he could go beat enemy alone) stares at her thinking how cute she is.. He goes close to her and kisses her. After that he leaves. Lucy wakes up and notices that Natsu is not around.. She goes out of cave and looks in horizon. Huge explosion of fire makes her worry so she asked happy to take her to that place. Lucy notices Natsu lieing on ground, she rushed to him. (Happy flies to look for wendy) She tries to wake Natsu up, but looks like Natsu is in bad condition.. Lucy hears wing flaps and quet roaring, she turns around and sees Acnologia flying to them. Acnologia lands right in front of Natsu and Lucy, dragon glows them both away with breath. Lucy holds Natsu tight and protects him. She takes Natsu's hand and tries to wake him up again. Acnologia prepares to attack both of them, but Lucy sudenly glares at it and shouts to "dissapear". She uses huge amount of magic to chase Acnologia away. Natsu deep inside feels what happening so he lands Lucy his magic power. Their combined magic created two forms, fire angel and a dragon. Acnologia gave up and ran away. Lucy colapses near natsu and looks at him saying "it's all over". THE END
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[NaLu] Fairy tail special - valentine's day
unfortunately i accidentally deleted all my videos... These few videos r only that i couldv get back uploaded from my iphone.. Thats why quality is so suckish.. Sorry for that T.T I decided to draw my own manga story of fairy tail with NaLu :3 I hope you'll like it 1st pic of video is drawed by Alina-chan, thnx to her~ STORY: In fairy tail is a valentine's day. Lucy, since she don't have boyfriend, left alone in guild and Natsu pops up behind her and asks where is Gray. Lucy told him that he went on a date with Juvia. Natsu understood that its a challenge for him and he dragged Lucy with him saying that they going on date ( He doesn't really have an idea what is date). So they spent time happily and kinda fun, but on their way back home they met Happy and Charle sitting on a tree together, Happy annoys Natsu and he get angry, but since Happy is Natsu's foster son he couldn't rl hurt him so he just said same words bk to Happy and Charle gets angry. She cuts Natsu's face all over it. Natsu and Lucy went to Lucy's place to cure his cuts. Natsu by staring at Lucy decides to try something new and he trys to kiss Lucy, but unfortunately Gray was staring at them from sofa and stops the kiss scene. Natsu gets mad and attacks Gray. THE END
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Fairy tail - Starships [Dedications]
★OMG I FINALLY FINISHED IT x_x *kicks vegas* Vegas being such a **** lately =_= it doesn't crash as much as before, but it started mixing video clips and makes mess out of them o_o" ★Anyway i hope you will enjoy the video, it's kinda my first this type of video :3 ★Kamarazelman, Vaniillaful, I'm so sorry for missing your b-day's T_T Happy late b-days my loves! You get older, but either cooler 8D ★Wazy! - Thank you so much for being around me all the time! I love you gurl ♥ you're my best video/drawing rater too xD please don't apart from me *o* ★Neji: - I know you not so long, but you're a cool guy! Stay strong and don't let anyone break you. (send me more dubstep songs, thnx!) xD ★Winx: - Dear Winx! you're always cheering me up with your videos and hella funny complains on the YT subscription wall xD Please don't change 8D ★Fifi: - Thank you for fallowing me, watching me and getting to know me better! Im always happy to chat with you and listen to you. Hope we can stay like this :3 ★Nya: - !!!Love you gurl! Im so sorry that i spend less time with you. I really wish that our relationship wouldn't break and that we could stay together more ;~; ★Kei: - you damn asshole! But i still love you xD I know you since ages ago, and you're a friend i know longest. So please stay in touch with me :3 ★Eve: - Dear~ Im watching you since very long ago and you're my inspiration! You're always here to help me out. Im happy that i can work with you in some MEPs. Thank you! ★xXSamChanXx: - Im sorry i forgot to mention you in video! 8D *headdesks* I seen you watching me a lot in DA. Im always happy to see ur comments *o* Thank you for helping me in MEPs too~ Keep going with awesome videos you make. x3 Thank you RinaShuu (DA) for the awesome borders: http://rinashuu.deviantart.com/gallery/37579416#/d52smyt
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Mstar - Gangnam style (prof) [reborn crew]
opa gangnam style! xD
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Noragami - Radioactive [thnx for 4.900+ subs]
Finally finished! :3 My first noragami video. I really loved this anime and it recently ended so I could not leave it without video in my playlist. I been making it bit by bit almost a week now 'cause of lots of unie work I had. Hope you will enjoy it! Video is dedicated to KnightlyVanity, thank you for staying by my side!
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{~NaruSaku/NaLu~} - Apologize [Finished]
Finally finished it~ the ending is not rl nice. I didn't rl got the new ideas in my head.. n my vegas started to be an ass to me again. So couldn't rl make anything interesting. But i still hope that you'll enjoy it. Thank you for watching. :3 Anime: Fairy Tail, Naruto Song: onerepublic - apologize
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[BLS] NaLu - Always Love You MEP
SUBSCRIBE Burning Love Studios! 8D Watch in HD; Full screen - nice; Don't play music loud on headphones or you will get deaf xD MEP belongs to Burning Love Studios :3 http://www.youtube.com/user/BurningLoveStudios Thank you for all participants. Thank you for FKS members too ♥ http://www.youtube.com/user/KeysFlamesStds Thank you for those who fallow this MEP and those who couldn't participate due to problems :3 So.. after 1 month the MEP is finally finished :3 You guys did amazing job, i love all the parts, they go with music very well x3 It went really colorful and beautiful. Im really proud of it!~ ^_^ Sorry for introduction ending.. Since some people left I had to change some things and it messed up a little, plus my sony vegas keeps crashing on it =.= .. and i wanted to upload MEP asap x_x ✹ MEP participants: Intro:Smaliorsha Part 1:Evelinchan http://www.youtube.com/user/Evelinchan Part 2:celiauchiha http://www.youtube.com/user/celiauchiha Part 3:Ichigo001 http://www.youtube.com/user/Ichigo001 Part 4:Colinette36 http://www.youtube.com/user/Colinette36 Part 5:winxariel http://www.youtube.com/user/winxariel Part 6:Vaniillaful http://www.youtube.com/user/Vaniillaful Part 7:SkeletorFifi http://www.youtube.com/user/SkeletorFifi Part 8:mistypokemonrules http://www.youtube.com/user/mistypokemonrules Part 9:SweetestShikana http://www.youtube.com/user/SweetestShikana Part10:TheMindfulMadness http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMindfulMadness Part11:XXxYamiMiss http://www.youtube.com/user/XXxYamiMiss Part12:PatiChan14 http://www.youtube.com/user/PatiChan14 Part13:akaimidna http://www.youtube.com/user/akaimidna Part14:LucyOtohimePrincess http://www.youtube.com/user/LucyOtohimePrincess Part15:moonlayamagix http://www.youtube.com/user/moonlayamagix Part16:smaliorsha Part17:xThirdSignerAki http://www.youtube.com/user/xThirdSignerAki Part18:CaZyBuNnY http://www.youtube.com/user/CaZyBuNnY Introduction:Smaliorsha Enjoy and Subscribe participants ❣
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[BLS] NaLu - Won't let go
SONG NAME IS IN THE BEGINNING OF VIDEO, so please stop asking what is it =_= Video for BLS~ http://www.youtube.com/user/BurningLoveStudios SUBSCRIBE :3 This is my new NaLu video. It's kinda messed up, but i really wanted most of the NaLu moments x3 Hope you will like it~
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{ NaLu } Fairy Tail - waiting [re-upload]
Watch from 0:10 plz :3 I had deleted this video by accident so i decided to remake it. It doesn't look like the old one but i hope that u'll still like it. For the video idea thnx to Evelinchan Heres her channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Evelinchan ♥ don't forget to check her videos n sub her 8D It was really hard to cut up that song so u'll notice lots of trouble in the song. I had very big problems with sony vegas too so the start n ending tooks some free time. Srry for that. STORY: In the video there's r story about Natsu and Lucy. Natsu as always was saving Lucy from trouble, but when Lucy saw that he's getting beaten up she decides to use her whole magic power to stop Gajeel. Natsu try's to stop her but he passes out. After using all magic power Lucy saw that smth coming up n she yells Natsu's name to wake him up. But she gets dizzy n the water floats on her. Natsu runs to save her but she still drowns n boom everything explodes :D after few days Natsu comes to Lucy's funeral and kicks flowers out of her grave yelling that shes not dead. Lucy Hears everything n sees Natsu still waiting and calling for her, she uses her magic again n comes bk to Natsu. Natsu gets shocked but still happy seeing her alive n that he was right. They both returned to fairy tail guild. THE END :D
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[NaLu] 9 Crimes - Black and White
Heres another Nalu video. This is my first manga x anime video. Hope you will like it ^~^ I really love this song so wanted to make video with it. Voices from anime doesn't really attach, so who understand japanese don't pay attention xD The dancing pictures i drew on paper and collored with computer, so it doesn't look so nice. (bad at colloring with photoshop) I don't have wacom tablet or anything, so yah.. it was hell XD Video Story: Videos goes with song lyrics but it has small story. It kinda starts from cheating part.. Lisanna glomps on Natsu and seems close like kissing. Lucy busted them both and misunderstands.She runs away and Natsu runs after her..He grabs her from back and tries to explain everything, but Lucy tells him to go away. Natsu yells to fogive him and bursts into tears. We see them both crying then.. Later we see Natsu getting bullied (thats for Lucy) Lucy crys seeing that. She uses lots of her magic power to stop everything, she passes out without completing what she wanted to do. Natsu rushes to her and watches her consciousness and hoping she will open her eyes shortly. THE END
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Alicia [Closed]
This is my old video of Alicia. I decided to re-upload it since it has lots of lovely memories in it.. and videos of it is the only memories remain of what we left in there. Sadly as most of Alicia players know, Alicia online was closed on 13th February. I will never forget this unusual game, the fun of it and people that I met in it. Hope I will meet them someday around again. For now, Goodbye Alicia
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{NaLu} Fairy Tail project part 4 ( part 2 )
CANCELLED!!! Read last few pages of the story HERE: http://smaliorsha.deviantart.com/art/Nalu-Story-part-4-Page-16-601458390 Kaminari and Raiden does not exist in Fairy Tail, they are my own OCs created just for this story. He been pretending as Gray to get his revenge on Natsu, but this fact didn't anger Natsu. He got furious about the fact that he used Lucy to get his revenge on him and deceived everyone in the guild.
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NaLu ft. Gray - Lights MEP [Re-Upload]
Since youtube is such amazing worker on messing up videos I had to re-upload this MEP. Hope it will stay like this for this time~ Enjoy :3 Intro: smaliorsha Part 1: MiataChan Part 2: HinataDestinyXD (Lyrics) I worry that you might notice my feelings, And I get scared that the gap between us would widen I hold my breath, then I bite my lips Then I pray that she would come to me again Part 3:ShyHaze Part 4:bluemokagrl12 Once the music ends, you'll be with him forever I prayed and prayed that this day wouldn't come to true The wedding dress once you wore "the one who's next to you is not me" Part 5: AizzChazz (lyrics) The wedding dress once you wore "It's not me(next to you)" Part 6: HinamoriMomo21 {Ellie} DONE~ You, who never understood my feelings I hated it when you looked so very happier To the point I sometimes would wish a misfortune upon to you But now my eyes are dry Now I'm talking to myself, it must be an old habbit Part 7:xAmaaziinq Part 8: ti7any Part 9:RawrrHime once this music ends, you'll be with him forever I prayed and prayed night and day that this day wouldn't come to true The wedding dress once you wore (in front of me) Part10: smaliorsha Part11: TophBeiFongx Part12: xDreamOneDirection Part13: ChiipMade It's going to be unbearably hard for me, for a long while to come For such a long time I lived in an illusion like a fool She's still smiling, so brightly at me Part14:xFarway Part15:Smaliorsha for song translations thanks to AntiHoney!
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[NaLu] Natsu - Hey Lucy (thanx for 100+  subs~♥)
unfortunately i accidentally deleted all my videos... These few videos r only that i couldv get back uploaded from my iphone.. Thats y quality is so suckish.. Sorry for that T.T STORY: Hey Lucy, Natsus says while standing near her grave. He remembering her as his lover and regretting things he could do while she was still here, yet he never had a chance. After exhausting revenge fight for Lucy, Natsu finally get a visit from his beloved one. Lucy thanked Natsu and told him to have no regrets 'cause she was happy just by being by his side. Natsu finally smiles. END
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Believers //Multi-anime [Happy B-day Ginta~!]
Happy B-day Ginta~ Srry that the video is not so good ;-; i tryd to make it fast, but couldn't make it on the day of ur B-day. Cause of those damn exams n all i didn't rl had time to make an good video D; But i still hope that u'll enjoy it. Myliux ♥ Music: Armin Van Buuren ft. Christian Burns - This Light Betwee
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Fairy tail girls - speedpaint
this is process of my other commission which was crossover of Marvel girls as Fairy tail girls. Black Widow - Erza Captain Marvel - Lucy Scarlet Witch - Cana Help support me on Patreon and get special rewards: https://www.patreon.com/smaliorsha Hope you will enjoy it and maybe have some tips, feel free to ask n_n
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[Fairy Tail] Natsu x Lucy - you are not alone {thnx for 300+ subs}
My new Nalu video~ I was trying new effects out, it went not so good, but not so bad either so i hope you will like the video. My sony vegas biched with me again and didn't wanted to render this video for some reason D: When it finally rendered it i noticed that some parts repeats quickly and i didn't wanted to work with it and make vegas render again.. Information about video is in ending :3
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Lucy - Flicker [Fairy tail / NaLu]
Been awhile I was editing a video about Lucy and I really wanted to make something with Lordes song. Darn it was hard! But something came up and I am satisfied enough to share it with you guys. Hope you will like it! kissing scene is used from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DghiWmNaEDY
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[BLS] Never stop MEP part
Here is my latest BLS MEP part. Hope you will like it ~ Subscribe BLS: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurningLoveStudios
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[NaLu] Where did you go
Finally finished one of the promised videos :3 Hope you will like it It's been awhile since I made a video of my own, I enjoy making them in a less effect way which is pretty simple. The story goes as Lucy been busy traveling on and on as Natsu kept waiting for her at home to come back. He was getting tired of it and leaves, leaving behind a letter. Lucy drops in tears while reading the letter, remembering time spent with Natsu, she runs out looking for him and get him back home. After awhile she returns home finding Natsu sleeping at her bed, waiting for lucy to return.
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{NaLu} Natsu - My December [FKS Audition video] (Lost)
Video is made for 3rd Flames & Keys Studios audition. Heres studio channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KeysFlamesStds :3 Anime: Fairy Tail Music: Linkin Park - My December
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[BLS] NaLu - Love Song
Made a video for BurningLoveStudios http://www.youtube.com/user/BurningLoveStudios Video isnt really nice i promise to make a better one next time x_x Since i got so much things to do i wanted to finish this as fast as i could.. At the end i didnt know what to add anymore, its so hot here that my brains doesnt work at all! So i added some funny momments of NaLu. Hope you will still enjoy the video ^^ Please don't post comments with song name. If song name will be mentioned in comment it will be deleted. If you have questions about episodes and songs, please mail me ^^
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Female Natsu speed coloring
Coloring one of my commissions, sorry for the low quality but I hope this will get you some tips :3 Posted with commissioners permission n_n Follow me on Tumblr: http://smaliorsha.tumblr.com/
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[ NaLu] Dear my love {Happy Valentines day!}
Here is my heart, it is yours so take it, Treat it gently, please do not break it. Its full of love thats good and true, So please keep it always close to you~ Happy valentines day my loves!~ The song was kinda hard so i didn't really have new ideas for video, so tried to make everything to song lyrics. Hope you will enjoy it :3 Sorry for my english x.x Song: {in video ending}
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❁ Air - ℱarewell ღ
Watch in HD Even if it's a simple video, it mean a lot for me :3 Made this for a dear friend of mines ^^
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[Fairy Tail] Acnologia - D-Evil
2 months guilds and sailors were looking for survivors in the ocean, but none was found.. As fairy tail fans know 7 years passed after main characters disappeard with whole island in ocean. So okay... I really love this episode, it's one of my favs. So i really wanted to make a Video with it. I didn't add any cool effects 'cause i wanted it to be simple so that you wont miss any epic parts. I had to pitch shift the song badly 'cause TV Tokyo kept blocking the video and my account was in critical state x.x Hope you will like it~ Anime: Fairy tail by Hiro Mashima Song: D-Evil from Ao no Exorcist
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[ Fairy Tail ] Lucy's father Remembrance (Thnx for 200+ subs)
WARNING: Spoilers I made a simple video to remembrance Lucy's father since he died and everyone knows how painful it is to lose your family member. Most of people would say that it's kinda stupid to make video for anime character death remembrance but i just felt like doing it 'cause Lucy is my one and only favorite Fairy Tail female character. n.n Also with this video i want to thank for my subscribers, Thank you for the subs! ^~^ And with this video im saying goodbye for awhile. I'll come back for sure with some new ideas~
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Fairy Tail AMV - Breathe [ Thanks for 7000+ subs! ]
It's been awhile since i uploaded something, but here it is and I hope you will enjoy it! Thank you for 7000+ subs, it means a lot to me.
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[ Fairy Tail ] Lucy Vs. Tartaros - Rainbow { Full Fight }
Turn the bass volume up before watching, thanks! Even thought fairy tail anime already ended I can't forget Lucys fight with tartaros. I made a simple video about her victory. Not only she saved her guild but she also saved whole town and this arc was the one that made her change so much. Hope you will enjoy the video
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[ NaLu ] Future Lucy - Into The Past { Thanks for 9000+ subs! )
I realized that I never done anything with future Lucy before so I decided to make my 9k subs video about her Lucy is most tragic character in fairy tail yet i really love her, she does and sacrifice anything for her family/ guild. I hope things will turn out very well for her in the end of anime ;~; Thank you for 9000+ subs again! Hope you will enjoy the video
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{~NaruSaku/NaLu~} - Apologize [Beta]
Video is already finished, plz click the Annotation to see finished version :3 Song: OneRepublic - Apologize Anime: Fairy Tail, Naruto
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Jack Frost - All For You [dedications]
I just wanted to thank all those people for helping me, supporting, cheering me up, staying by my said and accepting me the way I am. I am really happy to have you all. Thank you for everything.
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[ BLS ] One Day - MEP part
One of the NaLu parts for BurningLoveStudios; http://www.youtube.com/user/BurningLoveStudios Full MEP; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNlEHd85ebU
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[BLS] NaLu - My Escape MEP ( my part )
This is a little teaser of new upcoming BurningLoveStudios MEP. Im really looking forward to it! Full MEP: https://youtu.be/fxoZgCYzmI8
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[ Fairy tail AMV ] This = Love ( By Kawaiiineko0O1 )
I really loved this video and i couldn't find it nor user anywhere anymore, so i decided to re-upload this video. If anyone know this person or if they changed their username in youtube please let me know! All credits go to kawaiiineko0O1 Enjoy this amazingness!
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[BLS] Perfect for me MEP parts
Another cool MEP from BurningLoveStudios, momre info when it's finished ;3 Here's my part 1 and part 4 pieces :3 Hope you will like it~
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[NaLu] Bliss MEP (my part)
Heres my MEP part of Light Darkness Studios - SUBSCRIBE STUDIOS! Full MEP HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmAZ9EMq070
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NaLu - Never Gonna Fall {HBD Sam~!}
Happy B-day Sam! I made a simple video for you ( Don't really like editing in candy styles), but i hope you will like it :3 Keep up with your videos and drawing, they are awsum and im gonna watch you *o* Your videos rally making me work harder and yet i learn from them too 83 SUB HER!: http://www.youtube.com/user/xXSamChanXx
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Commission speedpaint - Yuri Natsu and Lucy
This is a process video of one of my commissions by doublepasse and xTernel in tumblr. The theme of the commission is from doublepasse AU. you can find full drawing here: Follow me on Tumblr here: http://smaliorsha.tumblr.com/ Support me on patreon and get special perks and access to my nalu story! - https://www.patreon.com/smaliorsha
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[Alicia] Shadow & Yumika Tribute - Day you slipped away
I made this video to say goodbye to Shadow.. But I just can't do it.. My hand just freezes on the release button.. I love him too much and I had too many nice memories with him.. I was sure that i will release him this time, but by making this video I started to cry.. I took that as NO. He will stay with me 4ever, till i finally quit..
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Final Fantasy XIV online - Road to the glory {FFXIV}
WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS OF FINAL FANTASY XIV Been awhile I been editing something and this is the game I been playing for awhile now. I am honestly having a lot of fun and I recommend to try it! Hope you will enjoy the video~
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